Review: You Be-Natural Scalp Soother and Loc Bun

Braided loc Bun and You Be Natural Review

You Be Natural Scalp SootherThe products mentioned in this tutorial were received complimentary from You Be Natural. Last week I shared You Be Natural’s edge tamer and a 5 minute hair style. With natural hair, I find that my fuzz always needs a little taming. In this post, I’m reviewing You Be Natural’s Scalp Soother, which is a product I plan to keep on hand and continue using for years to come.

You Be Natural’s Scalp Soother

The Scalp Soother is light and not too oily. It feels more like coconut oil than olive oil, but even lighter. Although it reminds me of grease by the way it looks, it isn’t like grease at all to the touch or its smell.  The fragrance is very mild, which is great because it is not competing with the smell of your own hair oils. When I rubbed the scalp soother onto the dry patches of my scalp, it didn’t leave my fingers sticky with oil, it was perfect for giving your head a quick massage.

I don’t care for products that contain beeswax. However, this scalp soother only has a small amount because the oil is very light and is water soluble.

During the summer months after I wash my hair I like to add a small amount of moisturizer that will soothe the shaft of my hair. Mainly, because I don’t like to saturate my hair with oil so I can reduce sweat. The scalp soother is light enough that you don’t have to worry about having a greasy crown. It is important to note that keeping your hair from being dry promotes growth and hydrated.

You Be Natural sells several moisturizers:

For my locs, the best option for my hair is the scalp soother. The thick creams aren’t ideal for my hair because they can get trapped inside the locs and be hard to wash out.

5 Reasons Why Natural Hair Needs Moisture:

  1. Natural curly hair has a tendency to dry out during the summer heat so adding a light oil with help keep the moisture on your scalp balanced.
  2. Dry brittle hair can break, so you especially want to make sure that the ends of your hair receive the moisture they need to reduce split ends and help retain length.
  3. Often the shampoos on the market strip natural oils at the root of the hair, and if you don’t use a deep conditioner that adds in moisture, the hair will be dry.
  4. Moisture and hydration are similar, but not the same. Hydration is using a watery based product that will seep into your scalp and keep the roots moist. Moisture is adding a light oil and water substance on top of the hair to seal in the water you used to hydrate the hair.
  5. Remember that the top of your head is covered in skin just like the rest of your body, so will you may have a decent sized main covering the top, you still need to lotion it just like you would your skin.

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About You Be-Natural

Fred Luster founder of Luster Products Inc a black owned hair companyA big thank you to You Be-Natural for an opportunity to review their products on CleverlyChanging. In the 1950s Mr.  Fred Luster, Sr. was a hair stylist in Chicago, Illinois. He used his own products in his salon. As the demand for black women’s hair products increased so did his business interest. In 1957 he founded Luster Products, Inc, which now a multi-million dollar company and the parent company of You Be-Natural.

Luster Products, Inc. is the leading African-American owned manufacturer of premium personal care products servicing people worldwide. Luster Products’ brands include You Be-Natural, Pink Brand, S-Curl, PCJ, and YOU. Our product lines serve men, women, children and the stylist market (source).

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