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You Be-Natural Hair Products from a black owned hair company

I love having natural hair. It gives me the freedom to do many unique hairstyles. My natural hair has been in a loc style for 11 years. I have grown my hair from tiny twisted longs into long locs that now go past my hips. If your hair is in dreadlocks and you are wondering about new quick hairstyles, then please watch the video and let me know what you think. While, I always twist and style my hair, this is my first loc hair tutorial and I want to know if my readers want to see more hairstyles like these. So please comment below or retweet the embedded tweet.

For loc maintenance, I opt for a simple regiment. I retwist about once a month and wash my locs once every two weeks. I use a locking gel to retwist and only freshen up the sides by retwisting the edges when I do a new hairstyle. The key to keeping your edges from disappearing is not to over twist and keep the edges moisturized.

Experience Using You Be-Natural’s Edge Tamer All Day Hold Gel

You Be-Natural Edge Tamer All Day Hold Gel
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You Be-Natural sent me several of their products to share in a review. For several weeks (on Tuesdays) I will share a new You Be-Natural hair product and hairstyle. In the video above I used the Edge Tamer All Day Hold Gel to retwist the edges of my locs that would be seen. The gel is not too think or thin. It is clear and has a very light pleasant scent. The scent is one of my favorite features about the gel because I don’t like heavy scents that are overpowering and this one is hardly noticeable. I also really like that the first ingredient is water. I love my hair, but I generally don’t use

products that will not wash out. Seeing that the first ingredient is water lets me know that this product is water-soluble and will wash out well. The edge tamer has other ingredients that I favor and often use on their own such as castor oil, argan oil, and coconut oil. After I had my twins, my edges were weak and shedding due to hormonal changes and castor oil was the main oil I used to help revive and save my edges so I didn’t have to start my loc process over. The best feature about the gel is that you don’t have to worry about flaking because it is a soft, no flake, hair gel. You also don’t need to use a lot of the gel for it to work well. A little will tame a person’s edges fine. The gel is not greasy, but still thick to the touch.

The only downside is the Edge Tamer only comes in a 2oz


container.  If it were a larger bottle I would definitely use it to fully twist all of my locs on wash day.

Want to See More HairStyles On my YouTube Channel?

Every Tuesday I’ll upload a new hair tutorial to my YouTube channel and share a new You Be-Natural product.

You Be-Natural Hair Products from a black owned hair companyAbout You Be-Natural

Fred Luster founder of Luster Products Inc a black owned hair companyA big thank you to You Be-Natural for an opportunity to review their products on CleverlyChanging. In the 1950s Mr.  Fred Luster, Sr. was a hair stylist in Chicago, Illinois. He used his own products in his salon. As the demand for black women’s hair products increased so did his business interest. In 1957 he founded Luster Products, Inc, which now a multi-million dollar company and the parent company of You Be-Natural.

Luster Products, Inc. is the leading African-American owned manufacturer of premium personal care products servicing people worldwide. Luster Products’ brands include You Be-Natural, Pink Brand, S-Curl, PCJ, and YOU. Our product lines serve men, women, children and the stylist market (source).

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Reader Question: Do you have any questions about my hair maintenance or the hair style, please let me know.

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