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4 Adorable Ways to Decorate Your Kids' Bedrooms

4 Adorable Ways to Decorate Your Kids’ Bedrooms

A well-designed kids’ bedroom can help you to improve their lives and create a magical environment for them to enjoy. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to decorate the room either. By visiting a department store, you can cut your costs and buy high-quality furniture for your child’s room.

Image source: Amazon {aff}

Image source: Amazon {aff}


Use Words or Letters

Create an accent wall that is filled with colorful words. Line the top of the room with the letters of the alphabet to help younger children learn. Alternatively, you can use letters associated with animal words to help you improve the atmosphere of the room. For example, the letter A could be represented by an ant, B by a bat, and C by a cat. Get creative with your decorations, and you’ll find all kinds of ways to increase the fun in your child’s room while simultaneously stimulating their minds.

Use Home Automation

Home automation can increase the enjoyment your child gets from their room in creative ways. Use proximity sensors in a corner of the room to create an interactive experience for your child. Hook up a train set that automatically starts running when the child enters a specific area of the room. According to Western Governors University, hooking up lights that automatically change color every 30 minutes can help increase the time they spend studying.

New and the Old

Tot Tutors Book Rack Image source: Amazon {aff}

Tot Tutors Book Rack Image source: Amazon {aff}

Use a combination of new and old pieces of furniture to create an eclectic look in the bedroom. This saves money and it helps to improve the overall look of the room. Kids will love the multitude of varying colors, and you’ll love the chance to get creative with your designs. Add cork boards to provide your children with the ability to hang pictures and decorate their room on their own without damaging the walls of the room. Let them suggest changes so they feel involved.

Get Creative with Colors

Use three or more colors to color the room. Creative horizontal stripes can make the bedroom look much more interesting. Use animal-shaped sponges to decorate the wall with fun and cute shapes that will make the room more active and interesting. Use a combination of horizontal and vertical stripes to make the room more dramatic.

Fabric box organizer Image from Amazon {aff}

Fabric box organizer Image from Amazon {aff}

Decorating your room with the input of your child can yield some interesting results. By spending time to update your child’s room, you can improve their quality of life and make their playtime more enjoyable. Reduce clutter by storing seasonal clothes in an underbed garment bag (made cheaper with a Discountrue coupon for Macy’s), and give your child an interactive room that helps them stay focused while studying and creative during playtime.

This post was written by guest contributor, Anica Oaks.

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