Create a Kid’s Cold Defense Kit With Purell

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When little ones start school, they often have a hard time fighting new germs. According to “Germs in the School Room” an article shared on WebMD, students have about 6 to 10 colds each year. Of course we know that the best defense against nasty cold germs and flu bugs is to keep hands clean and stay away from people with germs and viruses. However, trying to stay away from germs is practically impossible, so I encourage parents to keep their child stocked with their very own “cold defense kit.”

Purell Hand Sanitizer #Review #adWhat’s needed in the cold defense kit?

  1. Water. To help keep your child stay well hydrated. The water will  help impurities pass from their bodies and help build up his or her immune system,
  2. Hand sanitizer. Although hand washing is the best defense. When your child is on the bus and out and about, getting to a sink to wash his or her hands is hard to do. Stock your child’s kit with travel hand sanitizer, which come in in wrap carriers that kids can clip onto their backpacks or bicycles, they are convenient to use any where your child goes. The hand sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs found on a person’s hands. 
  3. Personal packs of tissue. Although teachers can’t supply enough tissues or cleaning supplies for all of the sniffles that will enter their classrooms, cross contamination of children touching extra tissues or kids wiping their nose on their sleeves can also be a problem. You can even find small packs that can will fit in your child’s pocket.
  4. Sanitizing wipes. Remind your child to wipe his or her desk and pencil occasionally. It can be challenging to keep surfaces that your child may touch clean, but cleaning them is just as important as hand washing.  To help, I recommend Purell wipes because they are very convenient and can be used on their hands and other surfaces like classroom and office supplies.

Of course, these items are easy to purchase and convenient. However, while they will help ward off virus’, it’s also good to remind our little ones to go to bed on time and  keep their hands away from their face; especially their away from their nose and eyes.

I keep Purell wipes in my car’s cup holder and a travel pack clipped to my purse so we will have them with us everywhere we go. In the fall and winter I can’t imagine going out without them when my kids are with me.

Reader response: What are some tips you use to help keep your kids healthy during the school year?

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