How I Received Free Answers to My Health Questions #WellnessTour

7 reasons to get on the Walgreens #WellnessTour Bus #ad #health #healthychoices

I recently visited Walgreens and the National Urban League‘s wellness tour bus to take advantage of the free health-screenings they offered in DC. If you’re not a person who enjoys visiting a doctor’s office, I highly recommended visiting to find out when the mobile wellness bus will be in your area. The bus is like a small clinic on wheels. It’s clean and quick.

My experience was pleasant. I had all three test taken and my results were on target. However, I did learn that I need to pay close attention to my blood pressure because it was a little higher than it should be. The test also reminded me that I can’t just focus on caring for my little girls, I also have to think about my health just as often.

I was so impressed with the team on the bus, I took the flyers I received and walked up and down the street, visiting local business, to let them know that their workers should take advantage of the free health screenings on the bus. I believe, many more people would take advantage of these free services if they are aware it’s being offered. If I had a blow-horn that day, I would have stood on the sidewalk and told people in the entire community that there are 7 reasons that should visit the wellness tour bus.

7 Reasons to Get On the Wellness Tour Bus

  1. Friendly Staff. The Walgreens Wellness Tour Staff and helpers are friendly and personable. They made a huge difference in feeling comfortable to take the health test that are offered. Most importantly, they are professionals who great you with a smile and speak to you with care and compassion.
  2. Time Sensitive. The people on the wellness tour bus are fully aware that you don’t have all day to receive your health assessments. Thus, they have made the process quick and efficient. In fact, I believe I got all of my health test and questions answered in less time than it takes me to sit in my doctor’s waiting room, waiting to be seen for an appointment. Overall, it is their goal to greet you, administer the test, and give you your results, all in about 10 and 20 minutes.
  3. No Co-pays. Doctor’s offices have definitely found a pay to make their money, there is a co-pay for everything, you even have to pay if you miss an appointment without notice. Well, the wellness tour bus is completely different. They take care of you like you’re paying hundreds of dollars, but they don’t ask for any money. In fact, there are no insurance checks, no crazy invasive questions, and No hassle. They accept anyone on the bus willing to filling out their health consent form. The best part is that the form doesn’t ask you uncomfortable questions or make you give your license or ID. When you visit the bus, it’s their goal to help you, and you will not feel like you are signing over your life just to get a test taken.
  4. It’s Confidential. Your experience on the wellness tour bus is completely confidential. No one has to know that you were there if you don’t want them to. However, if you want to take your results to your doctor to follow-up about areas of concern, that is available to you as well. You receive a paper with your results and you can follow-up with a local healthcare provider on your own.
  5. Quick Results. Results are received immediately before you get off the bus. It took me about 10 minutes to get my comprehensive results.
  6. Free Flu-shot. One added bonus is that you will receive a free flu-shot voucher that you can redeem at a local Walgreens Pharmacy. If you or loved ones that you live with have chronic health conditions, live with an infant or an elderly person it is strongly encouraged that you get a flu-shot.
  7. No Cost. Test valued at $100 are offered on the bus totally free, which is almost unheard of in the healthcare industry. The test give you a chance to arm yourself with information that can help you make better life choices and improve your quality of life.

Growing up in the inner-city, I saw a lot of young and old people who could have used a free experience like the wellness tour bus, I’m confident it would have saved some people’s lives. While, I can’t go back in time and make the mobile bus available to my neighbors, I can let everyone around the country know that the tour bus is available, just click on to find out when the bus will be in your area. Take advantage of this opportunity. The wellness tour bus will be traveling across the United States on a mission to give communities in need an opportunity to get health screenings for blood glucose, cholesterol, and a comprehensive weight assessment.

Thank you Walgreens and the National Urban League for thinking of the community. We appreciate the test you are offering throughout the country to help communities better assess their health. Thank you for giving back to under-served communities.

The Last DC tour bus stop is:

@Walgreens #WellnessTour 2015 #ad #health #healthychoicesThe tour is nationwide, so it will continue onto other locations.

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7 reasons to get on the Walgreens #WellnessTour Bus #ad #health #healthychoices


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