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We love fun family projects. My girls love working with their parent to create new designs and decorate. Currently we’re working on our girls’  home school room reading nook . Together my girls and I searched everywhere for the letters to spell the word READ. It would seem that 4 letters would be fairly simple to find. However, after searching in Michaels, Kohls, and other places for weeks, we were almost ready to abandon the project. Thankfully, this week while running errands at Target we were able to find LED lights on clearance that were perfect!

When we first found the letters in the store, we were so happy to find all four letters we needed. The letters were plastic, plain, and all white, so we wanted to add some cool colors to make them our own. Soon after we bought them we learned that we could customize the enclosed template according to our liking. Hurray! My daughters and I were thrilled; in fact, they immediately began brainstorming design ideas.


Once home we confirmed with dad that we would all decorate one letter with glitter. When we first started, I tried to use a regular glue stick but the glitter was not as dark or even as we would prefer.

So we grabbed our Elmer’s Spray Adhesive and it worked like a charm. (Tip: We had to move our set up to the garage because the spray  adhesive needs to be sprayed in a room with ample ventilation.)

 Cool #DIY decorated LED lights #homedecor #decor #Homeschool

Look at the E and A pictured, both were done with a glue stick and needed to be redone with the adhesive.

 Cool #DIY decorated LED lights #homedecor #decor #Homeschool

After the glued glitter dried over night, we placed the templates inside the letters. (Tip: Be careful not to scratch the glitter off the sides when adding the bulbs.)

 DIY Glitter LED Light Letters

We added the bulbs and lights. (Tip: Follow the package instructions for each letter, because you want to make sure that the battery and control box will fit inside the letter. You also want to use the bulbs and cords for the corresponding letters because each letter has a different number of lights.)

Cool #DIY decorated LED lights #homedecor #decor #Homeschool

The we added the AAA batteries.

 Easy Glitter #DIY glitter #ledlights and #letters decorated LED lights #homedecor #decor #Homeschool

Finally we hung our need lights on the wall. (Tip: I used push pins first to get an idea where I should place the nails)

We have more to do in our reading nook, but so far I think we’re off to a great start. Decorating a space for reading is a great way to encourage children to read more. Get them involved so they will love the space as well.

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