3 Top New Mom Questions You’ve Always Wanted Answered

Dr. Alanna Levine Answers 3 Top Questions New Mom's Have Always Wanted Answered. Visit CleverlyChanging.com to see the whole post

If you’re a new mom or you know someone who is a new or an expecting mom, in the middle of the excitement surrounding new baby news such as: whether you are having a boy or girl; what color you plan to paint the nursery or trying to choose which dippers won’t leak, the mom may be uncertain about a few other things as well.

After the thrill of the baby shower mom may be wondering about the logistics of actually bringing her baby home. Although many parents survive getting on their hands and knees to baby proof their home, there are a few other questions that they may also wonder about. A couple of years ago, when I had my twins, I had 3 top questions that I was a little apprehensive about asking others, but I really wanted to know the answer.

My top questions were:

  1. What are 3 ways to keep a child under 12 months of age germ-free?Germs and Infants : Dr. Alanna Levine Answers 3 Top New Mom Questions You've Always Wanted Answered

  2. When is the best/recommended time for parents to take newborns out into public settings?

    Infants and site-seeing: Dr. Alanna Levine Answers 3 Top New Mom Questions You've Always Wanted Answered

  3. What are some chemical-free cleaners that parents can use to keep surfaces clean for their babies?Infants and chemicals:

When I brought my baby girls home from the hospital, I worried that the slightest things might make them sick. Although I had some people encourage me to expose them to a germ-filled environment to build their immune systems, I wanted to know what would be a happy medium. Basically, I didn’t want to be an extreme germaphobe, but I wanted my kids to grow up in a healthy safe environment.

Second, after bringing my babies home. I felt tired a lot, but cabin-fever quickly set in. Then I begin to wonder when was a reasonable time for me to leave home and go sight-seeing at the mall with my little ones. While, I have seen mothers out and about after several days, and others stay in for months other than attending a few doctors appointments I always wondered which is the best time frame for leaving the home with an infant in tow?

Lastly, there are so many cautions and warnings that I wasn’t sure which cleaners were safe for our growing family. Almost everything has chemicals so I tried to do research regarding which cleaners were the safest and would actually clean well.

If you have ever been curious about these questions, then check out this video from Dr. Alanna Levine who has graciously answered all three of these questions for us.

For more information for new moms visit:

  • healthychildren.org
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