Interested In a Nursing Career? Here are Some Options

Nursing career options #college #careers #healthcare

Nurses are critical hospital staff who spend time taking care of patients. Doctors diagnose and nurses become the care givers in hospitals. If you want to have a career that directly impacts the lives of people a career in nursing is a good option.

People who are looking for job security will appreciate a nursing career since it is almost a guarantee that their will be job openings. Nursing jobs are not only great because they are available but also because they offer great satisfaction since you’ll get to help people who are in need. Statistics show that by the year 2018 there will be a demand growth for replacement registered and new nurses of around 1 million.

There are many training programs that are available and you should be sure that you will choose correctly since not all of them are great according to the needs you have at the moment.

Nursing career options #college #careers #healthcareChoosing A Suitable Nursing Program

In the event that you are in high school and you thinking about a nursing career, there are 3 main options that are available after graduation. The practical nursing diploma can be earned in order to become an LPN (licensed practical nurse), which is also known as LVN (licensed vocational nurse). You can also earn the associate degree and the bachelor’s degree so that you can become an RN (registered nurse). In most cases you would be able to gain access to more opportunities as you have more education.

Practical Nursing Training

It takes around 1 year to gain a licensed practical nursing diploma. In that time you go through practical hospital experience and various other programs, taking you through many topics from nutrition to anatomy. After you pass the state nursing exam, you will be able to offer care for patients, and then be allowed to assist doctors and registered nurses.

Associate Degree In Nursing (A.D.N.)

Most of those that think about how much do nurses get paid are also attracted to the ADN program, which automatically means 2 to 3 years in college. Related courses will be studied like microbiology, together with more specialized courses like gerontological nursing. When you get your associate degree, direct patient care can be provided in various settings. Such programs are usually offered by universities, colleges and nursing schools.

Bachelor Of Science Degree In Nursing (B.S.N.)

This is the option you want to consider if you want access to most opportunities and higher paying nursing options. This is a 4 year program that will allow you to practice in basically all healthcare settings. Various extra skills are developed like critical thinking, leadership and communication. Advanced nursing courses will be included.

Keep in mind that these options are available. If nursing is in your future, then it is worth taking time to explore these options more and visit the schools and talk to the professors to find out which time-frame and program will be the best fit for you and your schedule.


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