A guide to Window Treatments for Toddler Rooms

It’s one of life’s best inventions for those early months of our little one’s life, but there does become a point where the blackout blind becomes redundant. It might seem like a daunting thought when you consider replacing it – but we should clarify that natural light isn’t going to completely disrupt your baby’s sleeping patterns once they reach a certain age.

Of course, we’re not going to stick our necks on the line and tell you exactly when this point is. As any parent of multiple children will tell you, they all sleep differently. However, after several months, many of them don’t need as many “aids” to help them through the night – and this means that you can at least consider tearing down the blackout blinds.

You may want a change; especially if the upkeep of black blinds or curtains has become time-consuming. Some toddlers have the habit of staining, splashing or just damaging any sort of fabric that comes into their paths. It’s one of the many issues that will become clear as they grow up and regardless of what you try to do to avoid such situations, inevitably it will happen at least once and potentially leave a big mess in the process.

The problem with blackout blinds is that many of them are constructed with materials which are primarily designed to block out the natural light, without considering durability factors.

To guard against the above, your next choice of window treatment simply must involve a material that requires little maintenance and is completely durable. Fortunately, your options are endless at this point, with materials such as vinyl, PVC and wood being common solutions. If you opt for a roller shade, some of the materials can still be embezzled in patterns to provide at least some character to your child’s room – whilst still sticking to the durability principles that were mentioned before.

A guide to Window Treatments for Toddlers
Because you are buying blinds for your toddler’s room, safety is the biggest reason. I’m sure you may aware of the safety concerns with blinds that have cords. To eradicate the possibility of tragedy, purchase cordless blinds. This means that you don’t have to maneuver furniture or anything else – you can just let the blinds hang with little risk.

As you can see, the process for buying blinds for toddlers isn’t much different from buying blackout curtains. Only now your main concern is style, durability, maintenance and of course safety are crucial here – but the blinds industry has at least adapted to make sure that you have more than enough options when the time comes to buy your next set. All you have to do is choose a set of cordless blinds that fit your decor and function well within your household.

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