Practical Places Every College Student Should Know

When a student starts college, one of the first places he or she should find is a place to hang-out with friends and classmates. A place where they commonly study, talk, party, and do other things. However, hang-out places are not the only important places a college student must know and memorize. Well, for a practical and wise college student, here are a few “significant places” he or she should consider.
Study1. Rooftops, Parks, and Lots
First stop, safe rooftops, peaceful parks, and empty lots. Aside from your room or apartment, it’s also good to study outdoors, especially if you have company. Sometimes, the four walls of your room can make studying even more stressful and tiring. So if you can’t basically go out and party due to exams and projects at hand, then you might as well feel the outside world and see the diamond skies while reviewing your lessons or working on your papers.
Cheap Store Aldi2. Cheapest Stores
For the majority of college students, budgets are tight and limited so you have to know where to find the most affordable supplies you will be need. Supermarkets and school supply stores often offer the cheapest deals you could ever get. Hunt these kind of stores near or around your apartment and school to help you save more dimes and dollars.
Supermarkets – Super Walmart, Aldi, Safeway, etc.
Use coupons, shop clearance, buy items that are on sale.
PaneraBread3. Fast Food Chains
I guess this one’s not hard to find. They are almost everywhere around town. When it comes to fast serving, you need to decide what you want, either quick and easy food or the healthiest and cheapest food you can get quickly. I recommend the latter.
Please remember not to make fast food your “every single day” kind of meal. Aside from the fact that you’ll be bloated in a semester or two, it’s an unhealthy lifestyle too. Ideally, learn to cook and store up some fresh meat and veggies on your fridge. Download load a free quick recipe app and use that to make quick healthy meals on your own.
I suggest:
Bookstore4. Bookstores / Libraries
Books are your best friends when you are studying. You need to read a lot and research a lot. That’s why you have to be very familiar with bookstores offering affordable books and of course, public libraries nearby. Knowing these places will always come in handy, especially when your professor is not a fan of the world wide web.
Online bookstores can sometimes give you the cheapest deals such as: (Always think used first for the best deals)
Also many libraries, now allow you to check out books online on your iPad or Kindle or any electronic device after you download their unique app and use your library card to create a username and password. If you are unsure of the options in your area, speak with your librarian for more details.
5. The Internet
Familiarize yourself with the internet. For the most part, if you’re reading this blog post then you are probably already internet savvy. <However, you have to understand that not everything seen in the internet is practically true and correct. Nothing beats in-depth reading and research. Read a person’s About Me page, to see their credentials, consider any biases that he or she may have towards the subject presented.
6. Working Student-Friendly Establishments
Surviving college isn’t just about the brain cells. It’s also about practicality and finances for that matter. So be wise. Look for establishments and even online services which allow working students to apply and be part of their crew. Aside from your allowance or scholarship, it’s always better to find a job which can give you extra cash without letting your grades suffer.
On campus jobs sometimes are the most student friendly and many dorm jobs will also allow you to study at the same time.
Familiarize yourself with these significant places for college students early on. Be a street-smart kid and earn your diploma the cheapest way possible.
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