Would You Buy It: Have Digital Toys For Our Babies Gone Too Far?

Recently while searching for gifts for kids, I came across some interesting finds. I’m not sure why every part of a child’s life needs to be infiltrated with digital toys, but CTA digital thought the following toys and gadgets would be a good idea.

What do you think about the following digital toys? Yay or Nay?

CTA Digital PAD-POTTY iPad® with Retina display/iPad® (source)

Digital toys - iPad Potty


Potty training can be over whelming, but for it to be successful, children should be aware of why they are going to the potty. They should understand when their bodies are telling them it is time to pee or poo without the distraction of a digital device.

CTA Digital NIC-DIK The new iPad® 3rd Gen Dora / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Source)

Digital toys-Inflatable Race car w_ iPadDigital toys - Inflatable iPad car









The concept is adorable, but is it OK for kids to be couch potatoes? With children’s obesity numbers rising, it probably would be best for kids to play real sports instead of a large amount of digital ones.

CTA Digital iRocking Play Seat for iPad with Feeding Tray

Digital toys - rocking-chair-ipad

I get it, nothing is wrong with sitting and playing on an iPad, but if the child needs to be strapped into a seat, this kid may be too young to be playing with an iPad. Sure there are age appropriate apps, but the cognitive development of  a child would be increased better by doing real activities instead of simulated ones.

SpongeBob SquarePants Universal Activity Tray for iPad/iPad 2/The new iPad with App Included (Source)

Digital toys - iPad Tray stroller
If parents don’t already feel overwhelmed enough by trying to multitask every hour of the day, are we now trying to pass that same pressure onto our kids by encouraging digital toys at a very young age? I’m not saying anything is wrong with the toys above, I just hope that these gadgets don’t take the place of real-life interaction. Children need human-to-human interaction the most, they need to be held, talked to in a normal tone, and played with.

Children need to explore, play, crawl, run, walk, move. Are these toys simply items of fun that people use in moderation or are iPads the new baby sitters of the 21st century? Looking at these gadgets, I serious wonder, has tech gone too far for our babies?

I am interested in hearing from you, share your thoughts.

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