What Would You do? Parenting Questions

WhatWouldYouDo_CleverlyChangingMost parents are quick to come to their children’s aid when they are in danger or need an advocate to speak up for them. However, if you are in public what is the right way to put people in their place without getting angry and be a good example in front of your child?

1st What Would You Do Parenting Question

Real Scenario – Not long ago, I was in a store with my children. I saw a sales associate reprimand a ladies child for touching clothes that were hanging up. The parent, said nothing. Then a few seconds later, in the corner of my eye, I noticed a sales associate walk up to one of my daughters and take her hat off of her head and start yelling at her. My kids were a carts length from me and were talking to each other. Immediately, I intervened, I firmly told the associate to “Stop, hand my child back her hat and step away from her.” I was livid. The clerk turned around and looked at me, gave my daughter back her hat (which was a knitted hat that her grandmother made for her) and apologized to me. My daughter, who wasn’t doing anything wrong started crying. The situation didn’t make sense to me, after I cooled-down I realized that the associate didn’t bother to see who the children belonged to, she was having a bad day and was taking it out on the innocent. While on the aisle the clerk repeatedly apologized to me because she recognized her error, but the damage was already done. Although two of my twins were standing together, only one was mistreated for know reason.

Reader Question – How would you have handled the situation? What would you have said to the sales associate? How would you have comforted your child?

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