Books We’re Reading: Pre-K through 1st Grade (Fall books)

Reading is fun, adventurous, and free. Teaching my children to read and love books, is probably one of the best things I could ever help them learn. Here are some of the books we have enjoyed together this month.

  Books for kids: Thanksgiving IsThanksgiving is By Gail Gibbons

If you are a parent to preschoolers or young elementary students and you want to teach them about the Thanksgiving holiday this is one of the best books/summaries for children I have read on the subject. The pictures kept my children engaged. The illustrations are great to view, and the story line can really open up a wonderful dialog between parent and child.

Thanksgiving is, is written poetically, but in free verse. The book starts in England, crosses the Atlantic, mentions the Native Americans contribution to the Pilgrim’s survival, and highlights thankfulness and origination of the Thanksgiving holiday.

I would recommend this book. Ages 4+

Books for kids: Migration by Robin Nelson.png

Migration by Robin Nelson

When kids look up into the sky during this time of year, they are often fascinated by the birds they see flying south for the Winter. This book helps explain what migration is and why the birds travel hundreds/thousands of miles to a warmer climate. What I love most about this book is that it highlights many animals that migrate for the winter and not only birds. This  book is nonfiction and has realistic, life-like photography that will help capture each child’s attention. It is also an easy reader that young elementary students can read on his or her own.

This book is a great teaching tool for the home or classroom. Parents and teachers can create science questions for the kids to help test their reading comprehension.

I would recommend this book. Ages 3+

Books for kids: The Robins In Your Back Yard.pngThe Robins in Your Backyard by Nancy Carol Willis

Our backyard is always full of life year round. My kids often ask about the birds they see outside of our kitchen window. This book was great because robins are some of our most frequent backyard visitors and this book will give kids a glimpse into the life cycle of a robin.

The illustrations are like beautiful natural paintings that both parents, teachers, and students will all enjoy. The book also gives instructions for what to do when you see a baby bird in danger. What I loved most about this book is that it is a cheerful story about birds, my kids learned many new words and the book kept their attention.

I would recommend this book. Ages 4+

Reader Response – Have you and your child read any great Fall/ Autumn related books recently? If so, which ones did you enjoy the most?

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