Sickle Cell in the News: One Triumphant Story

Jozlyn_Bone_Marrow_RecipientLiving with Sickle Cell Anemia isn’t easy, but a cure does exist. Recently, my heart was warmed as I watched the story of Jozlyn Miller. She is a young 13 year old girl who was born with this genetic disorder and has lived with the battles that having Sickle Cell anemia bring. Jozlyn now has a new lease on life after she received a bone marrow transplant from Petra Poker.

Petra Poker donated her bone marrow and has now helped save Jozlyn’s life.

Currently, a Bone Marrow Transplant is one of the only cures that exists for this genetic blood disorder.

Jozlyn is so blessed to have found a donor. We wish her joy, peace, and good health for all the years ahead of her.

Both Jozlyn and Petra’s lives will forever be changed. Thank you Petra!


Watch Jozlyn and Petra’s first visit together here:


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