Upgrading Your Yard

Spring cleaning has begun and ways of improving our yards and gardens has too, begun. A lot has to be done in our yards to make them the way they were the summer before. So, here are a few things you could do:

flowersFlower Beds

You have to start by raking out the old, and bringing in the new. What better way than to add some new flowers to your old flower bed, or maybe start a new flower bed if you have the space.

Flower beds are simple and beautiful way to spruce up your yard; there are many variations of different colored flowers that you could use to make your garden colorful.

In addition planting a few shade trees can be a great improvement to your yard. If there is not enough room for a tree a shrub is a great substitute. If you only have a small yard, you could even do a small garden in your window sill; start with some herbs you can buy at your local gardening store.


If you want to go ‘all out’ on your yard, you could even add in your own pond. This is simple way to spice up your yard and to make it ‘picture perfect’.

There are two types of ponds you could build. The first being by just digging a hole to desired length and depth and using a pond liner;this is a bit more in depth, however if you would like a good reference this article shows steps for building a pond. The second type of garden pond, being a plastic pre-formed pond which involves digging the hole for your pre-formed pond.

There are certain generators you may need if you plan on using the fountain installation or a waterfall; which allows constant water flow with the water pump. There are a few pieces of equipment for building a pond, however, the end result is worth it.. The fountain brings a very relaxing sound when you’re out enjoying your day.

To make improvements to your pond, you could also add koi fish. Though, the fish may seem a bit much, it will add life your back yard. Along with fish you can also add in some not so usual plants such as: lily pads or water lettuce, which go into the water. Then to make your pond stick out, add some flowers around the pond.

Outdoor Furniture 

You may also add in a small patio and some outdoor furniture for your family to sit and enjoy during the summer; maybe for a family cook-out. Get a new grill, build a fire pit, or a new porch swing; all are a great addition for your back yard for your family.

There are many ways of spicing up your yard, whether it is from planting trees to adding in a pond; each new thing you add will bring color and life. Having your family help will not only build a beautiful garden, but will also build some memories as well.

This guest post was submitted by Samantha Peters, a contributor on the personal finance blog Paid Twice.  Sam enjoys writing about ways to ensure that your money is working hard and earning you the highest rates of return.  Sam lives in sunny San Diego, California where she enjoys life with her puppy Leona.

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