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What family doesn’t love pictures of their children? Pictures keep memories alive for years to come.  My advice for all parents that love pictures, but cannot afford hundreds of dollars to have professional photos taken is to take pictures at a retail store with a portrait studio and keep a valid coupon in your purse regularly.

My daughters get their photos taken professionally every 3 months.  I usually go to JCPenny Portrait Studio because of the location and I get tons of coupons for their services in the mail (they come in magazines, value packs, etc).  In order to maximize my savings, I  try to stick with the one pose packages because they offer the greatest deals. The least amount I have paid is $5.99 for a portrait package that included two 10 X 13s. Frankly, with a digital camera in the house and always close by, I try to snap photos of them in their own element everyday, which allows me to buy their one pose packages guilt-free to share with family members and friends.

We take professional pictures often so we have several portraits to view around the house, which really captures their different ages, outfits, and growing personalities.  Many of the portrait studios have a photo club that I would recommend purchasing if you like taking pictures often, just use a coupon to add a collage or a larger photo size if can.  If you go to the retailer’s website before scheduling a photo shoot, you will often find that they have coupons directly on their website.

Also, mothers of multiple children please note that many portrait studios usually charge an additional fee if you have more than one person in the photo.  If you want your children in the photo at once, look for studios that do not add an additional fee and read the fine print on your coupon. Currently JCPennys, Target, and Walmart all charge for an additional person. So far, as far as I know only Olan Mills does not charge extra for an additional person.

Parents of new babies (3 months and under), Olan Mills offers FREE INFANT PROFESSIONAL PICTURES , click here for a coupon.

Portrait Savings Offers

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