Running With The Wind: A Parents Guide to Having Fun With Their Kids Outside

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It is something amazing about how the air would kiss the cheeks of my children as I pushed them down the street in their stroller. The hugs of relaxation would grab me on our walks while they were lulled to sleep. Ever since infancy, the outdoors has become my chocolate high a verdant oasis that is an extended classroom where my children wait to be fed new knowledge. Just being outside makes us feel alive, attentive, and carefree.

Playing outside with your kids is great in many ways:

You can teach them SCIENCE, while planting, weeding, and composting. Also let your child explore, caves, museums, mountains, hills, rivers, waterfalls, flowers, parks, etc.

You can strengthen your calves and start the formation of abs by EXERCISING for while with your child/children who beam with joy just because they are with you. They run through the thin blades of grass squishing bugs underneath their rubber soles, making mud pies –too gooey to try, getting dusty and dirty while having fun.

You can teach SHARING as they learn to take turns on playground equipment, as you listen to the swish-swash of the swings that vibrate cutting through the air and workout your muscles while pushing back and forth watching them fly up and down. For a moment your children will think they have wings flying, high up in the air: protected and secure.

You can teach PATIENCE as they learn to wait for their turn. A sliding board can take them on a rapid adventure into a land of their own. For an afternoon they will be explorers, captains, pioneers, scientist, botanist, mountain climbers, etc.

You can teach KINDNESS as they learn to add food to a bird feeder or feed a household pet. Kindness can also be taught through imaginary play, which will allow children a chance to role-play in positions of leadership and service. This type of play will help them learn to lookout for others and possess empathy.

You can teach ADMIRATION as they behold the beauty of the world beyond them. Knowing the world is bigger than them is important, but taking time to understand that no matter how big the world is they are special, talented, and worth listening to is a lesson that they will cherish throughout their lives.

You can teach COLORS AND NUMBERS by counting the green trees, white clouds, beige and gray rocks, one big blue sky and much more. The lessons become tangible and more concrete and will help them develop an appreciation for nature.

You can teach NEW WORDS while writing and drawing with chalk on a black top, patio, or driveway. It is much more fun to draw your name in the sand then write it on paper, but nothing is wrong with a little repetition to deepen the impression.

You can teach RESILIENCE. Because sometimes they will fall, but while your child is young you will have a opportunity to show them how to get back up again, brush off a bruise and learning how to move on.

You can teach LOVE as they learn to enjoy and get a long with other children that are just like them.


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