Dave Ramsey’s “The Super Red Racer”

From Life Lessons with Jr. The Super Red Racer is about a young boy name Junior who wants a new bike that he saw on TV, he then develops a plan to start working to make money. The book helps children learn that working and serving others is cool and rewarding. Junior gets a job working for a farmer and learning new skills. I really liked that Junior took on a job that was new to him and learned the benefits of working hard, even when the job is not but not easy and glamorous.

Main Principles Taught

  1. Toys cost money
  2. To buy things you need money
  3. One way to earn money is to work
  4. Save your money so it will accumulate and you can purchase things you want or need
  5. It’s OK to take initiative and be independent.
  6. Purchase things you want on sale.
  7. Think purchases through.
  8. Moms and Dads will not always buy things just because their children want them.

One of the story line’s I like is at the end, “There’s a great place to go when you need money: to work.” My girls really enjoyed the story and wanted to hear it repeatedly.

April 19th through April 22 2012, people can download the audio from Dave Ramsey’s website for FREE.

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