Awesome Learning Resources for Parents with Toddlers

I have some great sites that I want to share with you. My children are toddlers so these are the top 5 sites that I use regularly to help entertain and educate my children.


This site helps children learn how to read. It teaches phonetics, alphabets, word/story interaction, etc. My children really enjoy it and it is available anywhere as long as you can connect to the internet.

2. A Place of Our Own

This is a show that come on PBS and list great resources, ideas, activities etc to help parents be at their best!

3. School Sparks

I have searched many stores to find the perfect activity sheets for my girls. Often at Walmart they are too expensive or not exactly what I am looking for. This site is wonderful because you can print just what you may need, without wasting paper or money in the process.

4. Kidszone

This site is one of my favorites because you can print personalized worksheets to help them practice writing. This site provides tons of custom traceable activity sheets. One of my friends shared this site with me and I printed my girls name worksheets and laminated them so that we can practice writing their names over and over without having to waste paper. We use erasable markers to write on the laminated sheets.

5. First – School

This site has worksheets, craft ideas, and early learning curriculum downloads available for free.


Has many resources available to parents that help engage young children. Here are some links to some of their fun interactive activities.


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