Manage Monday: Dusting Tips and Review

1st towel: dry, 2nd towel: same area after using Pledge

Happy Manage Monday! This is not a sponsored post.

Returning home after three weeks of vacation I arrived to a dusty house. The tables, chairs, cabinets, monitors etc. really needed to be cleaned. After I gathered my supplies and energy together I set out to get rid of the dust.  Here is a list of supplies I used:

  • Clean rags for each room, one for dry dusting and the other for wiping off surfaces.
  • Pledge’s multi-surface everyday cleaner.
  • One microfiber cloth for cleaning our electronics.

Normally, I would just grab my feather duster and wipe away, but my regular duster is very hard to clean so I tossed it. I prefer old wash clothes because I can throw them into the washing machine with clorox and hot water to clean them. I started in the dirtiest room first, and then worked my way around the house. It was invigorating and a relief. Next time I go on vacation, I will replace the vent in our furnace’s filter so that it will catch more dust.

About Pledge’s multi-surface everyday cleaner

What I really like about this product.

  1. It is easy to keep an eye on one bottle, so I don’t have to worry about my children getting in my way.  This one bottle can clean almost all of the surfaces that are collecting dust. You can use it on almost every surface: wood, electronics, granite, metal, and glass.
  2. Sprays wide to cover a large area without the need to spray it a lot.
  3. The bottle’s spray nozzle can be closed making it a safer product in your home with children.
  4. Doesn’t need a cap that can be lost.
  5. Overall, it is a an easy product to use and it works.

Here is an example of how it works. I cleaned one area with a white paper towel (first towel). I went over the same area, which appeared clean, and then I sprayed the multi-surface cleaner. The second picture shows the dirt that was picked up by the multi-surface cleaner.

If you are interested in learning more dusting tips, check out this post by: Tipnut.


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