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The post is written to celebrate Disney’s upcoming 3D movie, Mars Needs Moms.

The beauty of youth is that imagination can expand without the worry of reality ever getting in the way. If I were abducted, these are the top 10 things that my children would miss most about me.

  1. My lap, my babies are young and they love sitting on me.  I am their best pillow, their coziest chair, and my arms are their warmest blankets.
  2. My story telling abilities. Daddy can read a book, but Mommy enters the story and shares the adventure with them. They love having me tell them stories.
  3. My wiggle and dance. I am not afraid to let go and have fun, shake, wiggle, or fall. I like to get down with my kids and jam with their music or pretend we’re a band. Hey, people would never know because my kids don’t share my kid-tastic moments.
  4. Having their hair done. Daddy just doesn’t brush as soft as mommy or braid as neatly. My girls are prissy and love having bows in their hair and a fresh new due as often as possible. It’s hard being cute if their hair is a mess.
  5. My cooking skills. Being able to count on their meals coming like clock work would bother them if I were not available to make their favorites.
  6. My bathing skills, singing songs in the tub and making bathing fun is a unique skill I have mastered.
  7. My patience. I don’t mind noise, love to see my kids have fun, and allow them to just be who they are. I like exploring what makes kids enjoy life and other people in their circle are not as understanding as I am.
  8. The way I tuck them in at night, kiss the apples of their checks and say goodnight Princess 1 and Princess 2.
  9. The crafts we make during the week. Ever so often something fun and unique pops into my head and we get started creating things that are pretty and educational.
  10. The way I teach them. Life is about learning, everything has a lesson that can be taught or learned. They would miss me challenging them to go beyond.

My kids would miss me if I were gone, and I would miss them too. For now, I am here and they can enjoy the little things that I do. I love them and I am glad that we will have each other for a while.

Mars Needs Moms Movie Trailer – Rated PG, Walt Disney Pictures, In Theaters 3/11/11

About Mars Needs Moms
Produced by the team behind “Disney’s A Christmas Carol” and “The Polar Express,” “Mars Needs Moms” showcases nine-year-old Milo’s (Seth Green) quest to save his mom (Joan Cusack) from Martians—a wild adventure in Disney Digital 3D™ and IMAX® 3D that involves stowing away on a spaceship, navigating an elaborate, multi-level planet and taking on the alien nation and their leader (Mindy Sterling).

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