Finance Friday: How to Decrease your Insurance Premiums

If you are a homeowner, expenses can started adding up quickly. Therefore, finding the right home owners insurance can be a necessity. Your home may be one of the largest purchases you ever make in your your life. As you do your research and way your options, keep in mind that you can negotiate and in many cases save hundreds of dollars on your homeowners insurance premiums.

Below are five tips that can help you save on your insurance premium:

1. Raise your deductible. This option is the easiest way to decrease your insurance premium without any outlay of cash from your pocket. The higher your deductible, the less risk the insurer is taking so the lower your premium.

2. Get at least 3 quotes from different companies. There are thousands of companies willing to insure your home so it makes sense to do your research first. If you already have vehicle insurance, check with your provider check to see if they offer a discount for carrying multiple policies with their company.

3. Be credit wise. If you have a score 750 or higher, try to maintain your score, if it’s not quite their, work hard to increase it. Your FICA score not only determines your interest rates and your ability to get a reasonable loan, but it also impacts the cost of your insurance premiums. Many insurance companies use your FICA score as a barometer to decide how much your insurance premium will costs, or which discounts you qualify for.

4. Be secure. Paying for a reliable security system, having a garage rather than parking on the street, locking your doors and windows at night and when you leave,  and living in a fairly safe neighborhood will help reduce the cost of your insurance premium.

5. Change your lifestyle. Smoking is a hazard to your health and your home. Leaving a cigarette lit when it is unattended is the cause of many house fires, that could have been prevented.

Wes Brown is the owner of W K Brown Financial Services, Inc.

Thanks Wes for lending your sage advice. Your tips are succinct and always great!

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