Tips To Help Your Child Develop Healthy Self-Esteem

I want my children to love themselves and appreciate their unique attributes.  I want them to value their opinions, difference,  and believe that they have something to offer others.  I also want them to be compassionate citizens and thoughtful. Here are my top 10 tips to help children develop healthy self-esteem.

1.  Praise your child when he or she does something, new.  Praise him or her for the little things that show your child is comfortable taking risks with new tasks and opportunities.

2.  Show your child positive images of a variety of different types of people i.e. family members, professionals, etc.

3.  Start early surrounding your child with positive words of affirmation, love, happiness, adoration, and contentment.

4. Expose your child to different enviroments so that he or she can learn how to react to various situations early in life.

5.  Let your child make decisions.  For example, give your toddlers 3 healthy, safe, and sensible options and let him or her choose which option they like best.

6.  If your child is eager to help out, give him or her small manageable tasks that fit his or her level of development, and spend time with him or her.

7. Compliment your child. Tell your child that he or she is handsome or beautiful, intelligent, funny, loving etc.

8. Don’t let others criticize your child in front of you. Now that you are a parent people will feel the need to say many things about your child, even in front of him or her.  Stand up for your child, when needed.

9.  Embrace your child’s differences or challenges and help your child learn how to turn them into unique gifts that help compliment who they are.

10.  Post your child’s artwork, pictures, and other items that are important to them up, out in the open, so it is visible to others that you value your child’s contributions.

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