14 ways to have a fresh and festive holiday

I get very excited during the holiday season because the fun excitement of spending time with friends and family is always to be expected.  Below I list 14 ways to have a fresh and festive holiday.
1.  Eat.  Good food will make you happy and delight your heart. Thanksgiving is probably the only holiday that I get a belly full of dessert.  I make a thankful exception, but try not to go overboard with the size of my proportions.

2. Dance and sing.  What is a holiday with out twinkle toes and bellowing tunes? Enjoy yourself and leave your worries for the weeks to come.

3. Bring out your karoke machines, and good laughs are sure to follow.

4. Catch up.  Get to know your family.  Many families are spread out across distance and holidays provide days off of work when families and reunite and learn more about each other.

5.  Take pictures.  Some memories are better left in the rolodex of your mind.  But not, holidays their photos will warm your heart for many years to come.

6.  Relax.  Find a way to enjoy a few moments of quiet time so that you will be refreshed for the fun to come.

7. Start new family traditions.  Creating knew traditions will draw you and your loved ones closer together.

8.  Dress your best.  Looking good will help you feel good. So putting together outfits fit for a king or queen will help you walk tall and proud, and remember that confidence is contagious.

9.  Spend some time outdoors.  Going skiing, boating, or other outdoor activities will help add a dash of spice and many fun times to recall later on.

10. Go on a family vacation.  Sometimes getting away is exactly what a family needs to regain their spark and love for one another.

11. Volunteer with your loved ones.  Doing group volunteer efforts with family and friends is extremely rewarding in the future.

12 Donate together.  With the new year approaching we are also reminded of tax time, so picking a favorite charity together and rotating each year can bring freshness that is unique and fun.

13.  Start decorating now, there is nothing that can get you in the holiday spirit better than beautiful holiday decorations!

14.  Focus on your best life now.  If you want to have fun don’t parlay,  SEIZE THE DAY!

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