Children Bring the Best Comfort and Joy

This holiday, I am very thankful for my children.  Honestly, I don’t know what my life would be without them.  They are so lovable.  As they grow, I am growing too.  I am learning to understand myself better so that I can become a better mother to my children.

Having twins can be a lot of work, but having children period takes hard work and dedication.  There are some many people that us mothers sometimes compare ourselves to, but this season I am no longer focusing on what I need to change or improve.  This season I am focusing the comfort and joy that my children bring me each day.  Below I list a taste of my joy.

1.  Waking up to morning hugs and kisses.  My girls hug me tightly, so tight in fact that they sometimes tackle me, but I know that it is their overwhelming love for me that causes them to be so excited in the mornings.

2.  Hearing them yell at each other, “That’s my Mommy!” Yes, I tell them softly, I am her mother too and you both can share me.

3.  I love being able to read to my girls and hold them close.  They love learning and I can’t get enough of seeing their little eyes sparkle with joy as they get excited about characters in the stories I read.

4. Their sleeping faces make me smile.  I am so thankful that the Creator found me worthy enough to entrust such tiny sweet people that exude enthusiasm and energy.  There isn’t a dull moment with them around.

5.  Their curiosity encourages me to challenge myself and learn more in various subjects so I can share the knowledge with them.

6.  Watching them mimic me and their Dad is like a fresh comedy routine everyday.  I get tons of laughs seeing myself through these girls.  They are funny little reflections.

7.  The most comforting thing in the world to me is falling asleep after reading them a story they loved.  We all are able to rest very peacefully afterwards.

8.  Hearing them sing and laugh is beautiful melodic music to my ears.  No, it is not always on key, but they are learning and one day they will wow me.

No matter how busy the daily grind gets I know that I will also find comfort and joy in the arms of my girls. That are the sweetest peaches life can offer.

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