Book Review: Prayers of An Excellent Wife by Andrew Case

Marriage is more than an experience and joining of two people.  It is more than a vow to have a life long commitment.  Marriage is a sacred institution where two people surrender themselves to each other.  It is a combining to two different cultures, ideologies, world views, etc. Because no two people are just alike and no two people share the same thoughts and expectations within a marriage it takes WORK and lots of PATIENCE.  Thus, the only way to continuously make it successful both parties involved need to pray.  Pray earnestly for each other and don’t allow your expectations to get in the way of building your relationship. Andrew Case’s book “Prayers of An Excellent Wife” help provide prayers that will put you in a step towards the right direction.When I read the prayers and surrender my husband to God, I find myself becoming more patient with him.  I realize that my husband is in training and is learning to be a vessel for God, which softens my attitude towards him.

The book is a great resource to read along with your Bible.  I normally read it at night before I go to bed because of my time constraints, but it would be a great tool to read in the morning.  Regardless of when you read it, use the rest of the day to trust that God is working with your family and is guiding your husband. One brief excerpt that I found to be powerful is “You are the great healer and refiner. Purify my husband by whatever means are necessary. Make him wholly yours. Amen (Colossians 2 & 3).” (Case, 72)

Prayers of An Excellent Wife is a beautiful prayer book that help wives put their trust in the Lord to make them the best helpmate they can be. I recommend this book to all wives that want their marriage to prosper.

This book is a great gift for friends.

Visit Andrew Case’s website to find out more about this book and his other books.

Disclaimer: Prayers of an Excellent Wife was sent to me by Andrew Case for my review, but all information provided is honest and from the heart.

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