A while ago I wrote about how I am in love with Ebates.  I still really like the program, but it does have some flaws.  It seems as if I occasionally have to contact Ebates in order for my cash back to actually get credited to my account.  This is inconvenient, but thankfully they do respond quickly.  I have been an Ebates member since 2009 and I never noticed any problems until now.  I am sure that their business is now booming, but shouldn’t their service get better not worse. Here are a few tips to make sure your cash gets credited accurately. Also please note that if you you sign up through a referral link you and the person that refers you will be credited after you make at least a $20 purchase, but if you do not go through the person’s link you will not be awarded anything.

1.)  Always make sure that you go through Ebates to check out your online cart at your favorite stores so a tracking ticket will be opened. If no ticket is opened they will not be able to be compensated and neither will you.

2.)  Save your confirmation numbers for at least 30 days, so that you can contact customer service (CS) to inquire about your cash back.

3.)  Contacting CS is fairly simple. Once you are logged in go to HELP and click on How quickly is cash back credited to my account? You will then see a link that states after 30 days contact CS. Next click on Where’s my cash back? Then fill out the requested information and click SUBMIT.

4.) Be patient and remember if you have gone through their link all is well, they will credit you.

5.) Don’t forget to browse their coupons for your favorite stores because they may offer extra discounts or free shipping.

Interested in signing up? CLICK HERE.

To date I have received about $50 just for making purchases.

If you have any questions about my experience using their service please contact me in the comment section below.