Book Review: “Operation Beautiful” by Caitlin Boyle

I can vividly remember being concerned about my outward appearance in high school.  I guess many teenagers begin to obsess over beauty during their teenage years because they are going through so many changes: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I remember searching myself inside and outside trying to find out who I really was: not just who I professed to be when asked.  I struggled with making the right decisions and agonized over trivial things, only to look into the mirror day after day and wonder if I was really beautiful. Some days I felt like I was, while others I felt ashamed to walk out of my room.  My self esteemed had way too many daily changing factors such as how my hair was styled, what types of clothes I was wearing, whether or not my face was covered in acne, etc.  To make matters worse, I sometimes came across adults that did not have healthy self images themselves and perpetuated negative female stereotypes.  I wasn’t sure if it really mattered what others thought of me, but I knew that I had to love myself before anyone’s love could touch me. As a woman now, older and wiser, I believe that body image and self esteem issues continue to follow a person throughout their lives.  I believe that I have to take a stand daily to love my entire self.  The book “Operation Beautiful” caused me to acknowledge my responsibility and learn to love other women too, not just myself because we are responsible for how we treat others.

Operation Beautiful: Transforming the Way You See Yourself One Post-it Note at a Time is a book written by Caitlin Boyle.  Caitlin’s own story of struggling with body image and an eating disorder really connected with me.  She opens up the vulnerabilities in her life to help others and has started a much needed movement around the world to assist other woman facing similar obstacles. The book goes through worldwide messages from various women around the world who write loving, beautiful, encouraging messages to other women.  They post post-its or letters on cars, windows, grocery store products, and other creative places to get the word out that women should be comfortable with themselves.  A segment of the book  mentions stopping the negative “Fat Talk” about a person’s own body.  This portion of the book probably would not have touched me so profoundly before I had children, but afterward the messages are really comforting for me.

I applaud Caitlin for her work, starting the movement, and her compassion for other women. I now have joined the movement and I am determined to help encourage and uplift women I encounter so that their personal-image journeys will be easier.  We are all struggling in some way, why not live helping others feel good about themselves.  Women often hate on others with their circle of friends, but deep down many of us are still struggling, confused teenage women that need to speak joy, speak love, and speak beauty into  their own lives and the lives of others.

You can purchase Operation Beautiful: Transforming the Way You See Yourself One Post-it Note at a Time on for $11.56. I recommend this book to all women as a gift for yourself, for a loved one or for a support group.

THANK YOU  Twittermoms and Gotham Books for furnishing the book, Operation Beautiful for my review I will cherish it.

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