My Girls are Growing Too Fast Kids Books to Read

Tonight, I feel like my babies are growing up too fast. My girls are asleep and I am missing them keeping me up during the night. They both are very independent now, and their infant years are only a faint memory in my mind. I miss my babies, but at the same time I am comforted as I watch them learn new things and grow.

My Kids Favorite Kids Book

Tonight, I found myself missing them so much that as I worked I found their favorite bedtime story to keep me company: “Papa Please Get the Moon For Me” They adore all of Eric Carle’s books but they love the interaction and fold-out pages of this book the most. The moon is now one of their favorite things. They look out of their windows at night and say, “Good night big moon.”

Please enjoy the story by Eric Carle “Papa Please Get the Moon For Me

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