Female Woes: Why Having a Large Chest Is a Blessing and a Curse

Women always want what they don’t have—and chest size is no exception. While some think their lives would be better with a bigger cup size, others wish they were a little less well-endowed. Here, we’ll go over the pros and cons of large chests.

Female Woes: Why Having a Large Chest Is a Blessing and a Curse

Better Fits

With full cups, it’s easier to fill out those fashionable tops. Women with more up top have less trouble buying clothing off the rack, while those less endowed are often left to perform last-minute alterations. When clothing fits well, we look good—and that’s one benefit of having a large chest. If you fill out your tops a little too well, contact the clinic to learn more about breast reduction utah.

No Push-Up Bra Needed

While those with smaller chests must resort to padded push-up bras, there are no such worries for women gifted in that department. Every woman wants full cleavage, and those with big chests get it naturally.

No Uni-Boob in a Sports Bra

Although sports bras are designed to keep everything tight and tucked in, they offer too much of a good thing to women with flat chests. Well-endowed women, however, can still pull off a sports bra with confidence.

They Change Size With Weight Gain or Loss

Women who gain or lose weight will see it everywhere, including the chest. If you want to reduce size without surgery, drop a few pounds—and your cups won’t be as full.

You’ll Always Need Support

Although being well-endowed is a blessing in some ways, it comes with its share of problems. While those with smaller chests can get away with wearing backless or strapless clothing, women with bigger chests aren’t as lucky. If you have more up top, you’ll always need a supportive bra.

Low-Cut Concerns

Cleavage is a great thing to have, but too much of a good thing can be problematic. Women with bigger chests must, in some cases, cover up so they don’t show too much. 

Sagging With Age

Though women grow more beautiful as they age, wrinkles and sagging skin can be concerning. Gravity eventually takes its toll on us all, and well-endowed women are more likely to deal with sagging in that area.

Back and Neck Pain

A big chest is a blessing as far as fashion is concerned, but it can create pain in other parts of the body. Top-heavy women tend to suffer from back and neck pain, which worsens with time.

Cancer Detection Difficulties

Women with large chests are more likely to suffer from late-stage breast cancer. Big breasts are fibrous and layered, which makes it much harder for doctors to find and evaluate suspicious lumps. 

Other Issues

Extremely large chests are linked to back and neck pain, but they can also cause other problems. The strain placed on the neck may create numbness in the hands and fingers, as well as an increased risk of migraine headaches. Furthermore, women with large chests often find it difficult to exercise, lift heavy objects, and sit at desks. 

Is Breast Reduction Right for You?

When weight loss doesn’t yield the desired result, breast reduction is a safe option that allows a patient to live a healthier, happier life. Use the online form to get more information or call to schedule a consultation with a surgeon.

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