Lesson 102 Teaching Kids about Sexuality with Dr. Candice Nicole

Cleverly Changing Podcast Episode 102 with Dr. Candice Nicole. This episode may contain sensitive information.

Listener Discretion Advised: This episode contains discussions on sensitive topics regarding Black women’s sexuality and societal labels. Please be advised of potentially mature content.

Episode Summary:

In Season 5, Episode 102 of Cleverly Changing, hosts Elle Cole and Miriam Hoover engage in a powerful conversation in regards to teaching kids about sexuality with guest Dr. Candice Nicole. Together, they delve into the intricate dynamics of labeling younger Black girls/women as “FAST” by senior Black women and the broader implications of such terminology.

Key Topics Explored:

– The Label “FAST” Explained: Unpacking the meaning and impact of the term “FAST” when used by senior Black women toward younger Black girls/women.

– Intergenerational Conversations: The importance of fostering dialogue between younger and older Black women to challenge myths and misconceptions about sexuality and protection from violence.

– Sexual Policing and Survival: Exploring the flawed notion of how policing sexualities contributes to safety and survival within the Black community.

– Sexual Reputation and Survival: Discussing the idea that Black women and girls often feel pressured to maintain a “proper” sexual reputation as a means of survival.

– Comprehensive Sex Education: Advocating for an inclusive approach in sex education that addresses racial, capitalist, and elitist perspectives influencing predominant understandings of sexual expressions.

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Cleverly Changing Podcast Episode 102 with Dr. Candice Nicole. This episode may contain sensitive information.

This Episode’s Insights:

– Dr. Candice Nicole, alongside Elle Cole and Miriam Hoover, challenges prevailing notions about sexual stereotypes and their impact on Black women and girls.

– They emphasize the significance of intergenerational conversations in breaking down harmful myths and fostering a healthier understanding of sexuality within the Black community.

Books and resources recommended by Dr. Candice Nicole

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Final Thoughts:

In this thought-provoking episode, Dr. Candice Nicole, Elle Cole, and Miriam Hoover offer insightful perspectives on the complexities of sexual stereotypes within the Black community. Join the conversation to challenge misconceptions and foster understanding in Season 5, Episode 102 of Cleverly Changing.

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ive into a vital discussion with @DrCandiceNicole on guiding kids through "The Talk" about sexuality. Ep 102 of the Cleverly Changing Podcast

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