125 Things To Do With Your Kids During Their Holiday Break

Ep 103 of the Cleverly Changing Podcast 125 things to do with your kids over the holiday break.

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Elle: Welcome, Cleverly Changing family, to a special solo episode where we’re diving into an exciting array of activities you can enjoy with your kids, family, and friends across the USA during their holiday break.

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At-Home Activities with Kids

Elle: Let’s start with some fantastic things you can do right at home with your little ones. From holiday-themed DIY crafts like making handprint ornaments to baking delicious treats together, the joy of creating memories starts right in your own kitchen and living room.

At-Home Activities with Kids:

1. Create DIY snowflakes from paper.
2. Make handprint or fingerprint ornaments.
3. Build a gingerbread house together.
4. Decorate holiday cookies with icing and sprinkles.
5. Craft homemade holiday cards for family and friends.
6. Have a family holiday-themed costume dress-up day.
7. Create a countdown to Christmas paper chain.
8. Make popcorn garlands for the Christmas tree.
9. Host a hot chocolate and storytime hour.
10. Set up a holiday-themed scavenger hunt indoors.
11. Create a gratitude jar and fill it with notes daily.
12. Paint holiday-themed rocks for a festive garden display.
13. Have a family dance party to holiday music.
14. Design a family holiday-themed puzzle.
15. Make a time capsule to open next holiday season.
16. Create a DIY snow globe with a Mason jar.
17. Build a fort and have a family sleepover inside.
18. Conduct a science experiment related to winter or holidays.
19. Make homemade wrapping paper using stamps or handprints.
20. Create a family holiday memory book or scrapbook.
21. Write and perform a holiday-themed play.
22. Make homemade snow using household ingredients.
23. Create a family holiday playlist and have a sing-along.
24. Have a family talent show featuring holiday acts.
25. Make DIY holiday-themed slime or playdough.

These activities cover a wide range of options for families to enjoy during the holiday season, catering to various preferences and locations across the USA.

125 Things You Can Do With Your Kids During Their Holiday Break

Family-Friendly Activities Around The Holidays

Elle: Family time is precious, and the holidays provide the perfect opportunity to bond. How about organizing a game night with board games or a movie marathon featuring classic holiday films? These cozy moments create lasting connections.

Family-Friendly Activities:

1. Host a family game night with board games and card games.
2. Organize a family movie marathon featuring holiday classics.
3. Plan a family picnic in the living room with holiday snacks.
4. Have a storytelling hour sharing family tales and memories.
5. Build a blanket fort and have a family reading session inside.
6. Set up an indoor obstacle course or treasure hunt.
7. Create a family time capsule and bury it in the backyard.
8. Write and perform a family song or rap about the holidays.
9. Have a family karaoke night with holiday songs.
10. Organize a family cook-off or bake-off competition.
11. Create a family vision board for the upcoming year.
12. Have a family yoga or meditation session.
13. Plan a backyard camping night with stargazing.
14. Make a family quilt with everyone contributing a square.
15. Create a family journal for daily holiday reflections.
16. Have a family talent show featuring various skills.
17. Build a family scrapbook of past holiday memories.
18. Organize a family storytelling night by the fireplace.
19. Host a family book club with holiday-themed books.
20. Create a family holiday recipe book together.
21. Make a family time capsule to open next year.
22. Have a family discussion about holiday traditions.
23. Create a family playlist and have a dance party.
24. Plant a family tree in the backyard.
25. Plan a family volunteer day to give back to the community.

125 Things You Can Do With Your Kids During Their Holiday Break

Holiday Break Activities with Friends

Elle: Now, let’s explore activities you can enjoy with friends. A virtual cookie exchange where each family shares their favorite cookie recipe or a holiday-themed Zoom trivia night can be delightful ways to stay connected, especially if distance separates you.

Activities with Friends:

1. Host a virtual holiday cookie exchange with friends.
2. Organize a holiday-themed Zoom trivia night.
3. Plan a virtual holiday crafting session together.
4. Host a friends’ holiday movie night via video call.
5. Create a virtual holiday-themed escape room challenge.
6. Organize a virtual gift-wrapping party.
7. Plan a virtual holiday-themed cooking class.
8. Host a Zoom gingerbread house decorating contest.
9. Arrange a virtual holiday game tournament.
10. Have a virtual holiday karaoke night with friends.
11. Organize a virtual holiday-themed book club meeting.
12. Plan a virtual holiday-themed paint and sip session.
13. Host a virtual holiday-themed talent show.
14. Organize a virtual holiday ornament-making party.
15. Plan a virtual holiday scavenger hunt challenge.
16. Have a virtual holiday-themed dance-off.
17. Organize a virtual holiday-themed DIY project party.
18. Plan a virtual holiday card-making session.
19. Host a virtual holiday-themed storytelling night.
20. Arrange a virtual holiday-themed cooking competition.
21. Have a virtual holiday-themed bingo night.
22. Plan a virtual holiday-themed movie trivia.
23. Host a virtual holiday-themed Pictionary game.
24. Organize a virtual holiday-themed ‘guess the song’ challenge.
25. Arrange a virtual holiday-themed ‘show and tell.’

Family-Friendly Field Trips Around the Holidays

Host: The USA offers amazing family-friendly field trips! Visit local museums with holiday exhibits or explore nature at national parks where winter landscapes shine. Don’t forget to check out local holiday markets or drive through dazzling light displays in your area.

Family-Friendly Field Trips:

1. Visit a local holiday market or craft fair.
2. Explore a nearby Christmas tree farm.
3. Attend a holiday-themed light show in your city.
4. Visit a local historical site with holiday exhibits.
5. Explore a winter-themed botanical garden display.
6. Attend a holiday-themed parade in your area.
7. Visit a local children’s museum with holiday activities.
8. Explore a holiday-themed train or trolley ride.
9. Attend a live theater performance of a holiday classic.
10. Visit a local zoo with holiday decorations and events.
11. Explore a nearby ice-skating rink.
12. Attend a holiday-themed storytelling event at the library.
13. Visit a local candy factory offering holiday tours.
14. Explore a local arboretum with holiday lights.
15. Attend a holiday-themed family festival or carnival.
16. Visit a nearby national park with winter activities.
17. Explore a holiday-themed art exhibition at a gallery.
18. Attend a live musical performance with holiday music.
19. Visit a nearby planetarium with holiday shows.
20. Explore a nearby historical village with holiday events.
21. Attend a holiday-themed workshop at a local craft store.
22. Visit a local farm offering holiday festivities.
23. Explore a nearby aquarium with holiday-themed exhibits.
24. Attend a holiday-themed sports event or tournament.
25. Visit a local observatory for holiday stargazing events.

Great Photo Opportunities & Memory-Making Adventures

Elle: Finally, let’s cap off this adventure with picture-perfect moments. Capture memories by taking a family photo in matching holiday attire or while sledding in the snow. For a magical experience, consider visiting holiday-themed amusement parks or attending live performances like musicals or theater shows.

Great Photo Opportunities & Memory-Making Adventures:
1. Visit a snowy mountain resort for sledding and skiing.
2. Explore a holiday-themed amusement park or fair.
3. Attend a live holiday-themed stage show or musical.
4. Visit a holiday-themed village with decorations and events.
5. Have a holiday-themed photo shoot in a scenic park.
6. Attend a holiday-themed outdoor concert or performance.
7. Explore a nearby winter wonderland with ice sculptures.
8. Visit a local landmark adorned with holiday lights.
9. Take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the city.
10. Attend a holiday-themed lantern or light festival.
11. Visit a local botanical garden with holiday displays.
12. Explore a holiday-themed corn maze or labyrinth.
13. Take a holiday-themed train ride through scenic routes.
14. Attend a live nativity scene or pageant.
15. Visit a historic district adorned with holiday decorations.
16. Explore a holiday-themed ice castle or sculpture garden.
17. Attend a holiday-themed boat parade or cruise.
18. Visit a historic mansion decorated for the holidays.
19. Explore a holiday-themed art installation or exhibit.
20. Attend a holiday-themed fireworks display.
21. Visit a holiday-themed indoor water park or resort.
22. Explore a holiday-themed drive-through light show.
23. Attend a holiday-themed magic or circus show.
24. Visit a holiday-themed farmers’ market or craft show.
25. Explore a holiday-themed arboretum or botanical trail.

Remember, Cleverly Changing family, the holidays are about cherishing moments, creating bonds, and celebrating joyfully. Whether at home, with family, friends, or exploring new places, these experiences are what build beautiful memories.

Elle: Thank you for joining me on this journey through incredible holiday activities across the USA. Subscribe for more family-centered episodes, and don’t forget to share your favorite holiday adventures with us!

Elle: Until next time, keep embracing the joy of togetherness and making unforgettable memories. Stay Cleverly Changing!

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