Teaching Black History With Brandi Riley?

Brandi Riley on Teaching Black History

Brandi Riley is a mom who is dedicated to teaching Black History. She is also the author behind the new Black History Spark Series and she was our most recent guest on the Cleverly Changing Podcast.

Today’s History Lesson 

Where was the first public place where “Lift and Every Voice and Sing,” the Black national anthem, was performed? 

Listen to the episode for the answer.

African Proverb

“If everyone is going to dance, who then is going to watch?” Cameroonian Proverb

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Word of the Episode

Osanso means orange in Yuroba. Yuroba is a language from Nigeria.

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Grown Folks Talking About How to Teach Children About Black History

Brandi Riley is the author behind a new set of books for middle school students and younger children called Black History Spark. She is an award-winning community builder and outspoken digital activist. Brandi is also an advocate and leader who promotes equity and pay for women. She has written for BabyCenter, ScaryMommy, What To Expect, and is the author of the journal, “Just Us Girls: A Shared Journal for Moms and Daughters” published by Rockridge Press. Brandi lives with her family in Oakland, CA.

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