Adopting Your First Cat? 5 Useful Tips For Welcoming Your New Cat To Your Home

Adopting Your First Cat? 5 Useful Tips For Welcoming Your New Cat To Your Home

During the pandemic many people opted to add a comfort pet into their hone. Adopting a pet is one of the most caring things an owner can do. Giving an animal, such as a cat, the opportunity at a better life is truly a feeling that will not be rivaled. However, the process is a lot more complicated than simply taking it home and expecting it to be okay. Cats, just like humans, feel trauma and anxiety. If they are unsure about their surroundings, they will convey this in a number of ways. If you’re adopting, your first cat then please read on as we discuss useful tips for welcoming your new cat to your home.  

Choose one room  

Before the cat arrives in your house, you should always think about the best possible room that you will be placing your cat in to get them used to their surroundings. To allow the cat the opportunity to roam about an empty and quiet room, they can find their bearings on their own terms. If you have a spare room or any room that isn’t cluttered, use this.  

Pet Insurance  

This tip, although still useful for the cat, is more for the owner. Ensure that you, as a pet owner, obtain cat insurance as quickly as possible. Most adoptive pets usually come from tough backgrounds. If you have cat insurance, you are giving your pet the health care you need but also saving money in the long run.  

Hiding spots  

Your cat is bound to try and find their own private place that is just for them. By allocating a hiding space for them not only makes them feel more comfortable but also gives you an idea of where they could be if you’re ever looking for them. Places that you use for a hiding spot could be: Under your bed, in a wardrobe or even inside a cardboard box. If you can’t find your cat and they are located within one of the hiding spots, the best thing you can do for them is leave them alone, as they are most likely looking for some time to themselves.  

Set up your cat’s room with everything that they need  

After you have successfully allowed your cat to become comfortable in their room. The next thing you have to do is equip it with everything that they will need. Resources in this room should include a litter tray. Always make sure that the litter tray is away from the door and any feeding or watering bowls that the cat may use. An ideal section of the room would be a faraway corner. Tall scratching posts are always a good idea to have for adopted cats as they can be used to maintain their own claws and allow them to become used to familiar scents that roam about the house.  

First Cat? It’s Time to Escape-proof the house  

A cat that has dealt with a lot of trauma with its previous owners will most likely have the natural instinct to leave any environment they are unsure of. You must make the house escape-proof so that they don’t succeed in this. You must shut all doors and windows, even if it is only open slightly. Any door flaps or chimneys must be blocked. Cats are incredibly smart survivors and if they feel like they need to leave a situation, they will do everything they have to.  

Final words of advice  

We should also mention that transporting your cat to the new home is something you should consider. Make sure you have a strong and sturdy carrier, place a blanket within this and then place a towel over the carrier whilst the cat is traveling. This is to help the cat destress in their travels.

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