Review of Night Zookeeper An Educational Online Program

Review of Night Zookeeper An Educational Online Program

Thank you Night Zookeeper for sponsoring this post. 

Night Zookeeper, an educational online program, is geared towards learners between the ages of 6 and 12 (grades 1 through 6). It is a language arts tool that bridges the gap between reading, writing and creativity. All of the action happens in the fantastical Night Zoo. Here your young learners can play literacy games, write their own stories, read other student’s stories, create unique animals and accessories for them and more. It really is a fun and highly interactive way to get young learners excited about writing. I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars! And the best part, Night Zookeeper is offering Cleverly Changing readers a 7-day free trial to help you fall in love with the program, and 50% off the annual subscription. Keep reading to get the special link.

Let’s look at how Night Zookeeper works. Your kiddos will receive a fun username and you create their password. Usernames are composed of an adjective and an animal and a number, i.e. JoyfulGirafffe22. You’re already off to a fun and attention grabbing start. Once the child has logged in, they’ll have a chance to create their very own self portrait and their first zoo character. Each time your young person creates a zoo character, an accessory for them, plays a game and writes a report, their flashlight powers up. Shining a powered up flashlight allows them to rescue zoo animals that have been engulfed in the robot spiders’ darkness.  

Night Zookeeper Improves Writing Skills

The main focus of this educational program is to get learners writing. Upon creating a zoo character, users are prompted to name and write a story about the character. Because invention isn’t always easy, one of the Night Zoo employees will ask questions to spark their creativity. The questions include things like, “What does your character like to do?” and “What is your character’s favorite food?” Children even have the option to press the speaker in the word bubbles to facilitate their reading or understanding of the prompt questions. 

With every response your child gives, the program will provide feedback such as, “Names should begin with a capital letter,” or “Please end your sentence with a period.” After a few prompting questions to help your learner develop their character’s story, they’ll be asked if they want to continue writing or view their report. If they choose to continue, more prompts will follow to help fill out their report. If not, the program will send them to the word processor where they can make any further changes and submit their piece.

Students can submit their report as is, or go back and add the suggested additions. It will most likely be a suggested word count or a specific word. Making the additions will earn your learner an orb. The orbs can be used in the Night Zoo to purchase things like special zoo characters. 

Encourages Reading

Adding Night Zookeeper, an educational online program, to your homeschool or supplemental regimen is a fun way to promote more reading. Not only will your child author their own pieces, they will also be able to read other children’s stories and reports. They can also leave positive feedback for their young colleagues. The game offers awards and competitions as well to help motivate young readers and authors.

There are even games that will help to improve spelling. My son really enjoys these games a lot. Some are reminiscent of trendy apps that will really resonate with your learner. So, with reading, writing, grammar and spelling all rolled into one compelling system, it knocks English language arts out of the park.

Night Zookeeper and Grammar

As children write their reports, the system will prompt them to add certain figures of speech and vocabulary words. It will remind them when to use end punctuation marks, capitalization conventions and more. And with Night Zookeeper, an educational online program, your students also get professional feedback from Night Zookeeper tutors. Whether you publish your child’s piece for other Night Zookeeper users or keep it private, a tutor will respond to every piece your child authors within a few days. They will make suggestions, offer encouraging words and give a brief critique. This valuable feedback is geared toward improving children’s confidence, writing technique, grammar skills and creativity. 

A Language Arts Educational Online Program

Overall, the Night Zookeeper educational online program is a big hit in my house. My 9-year-old loves it. She asks to use it at least 3 days a week (weekends included). I can’t say that I blame her, it is a very engaging program with a lot of great features. I love that it provides a safe online environment for my children. All of the content that is shared is reviewed by tutors to ensure their safety while they’re in the realm of the Night Zookeeper. My littles love creating new zoo characters and leveling them up by playing games, creating accessories and writing reports. Even my 7-year-old reluctant writer and reader thoroughly enjoys this program. It really does feel more like playing than learning, and that is just what this homeschooling mama needs for her favorite little lion. As a former tutor with America Reads and a five year homeschool veteran, this is one educational tool that I highly recommend.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this piece, we have a 7-day free trial to offer you as well as 50% off the annual subscription. Click the button below to get in on this great offer!

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