Education and Opportunity Cost Lesson 70

Education and Opportunity Cost Lesson 70 Black teacher De'Von and co-creator of the board game Play Black Wall St.

There are a lot of students that ask themselves, is college right for me? In this episode we will explore what are the implications of education and opportunity costs. Some students and families are concerned about student loans, acquiring scholarships, traditional methods of education and career in-roads. It’s important to know there are a lot of other ways to get into your career of choice and to create multiple streams of income using your innate talents and self-learned concepts. Some of these alternate paths include cryptocurrency and NFTs. Of course, there are many advantages to being a college graduate, including gaining deeper knowledge and network building. As homeschoolers, we are well versed in taking less traditional routes. We’re exploring ways we can raise our young people to be successful, however they define it, self-sufficient and self-aware adults through both conventional and unconventional methods.

Something to Explore:

The most common language spoken on the continent of Africa is Arabic, a language spoken by about 170 million people, with English being the next common trade language, spoken by about 130 million people.

African Proverb:

If you’ve not been on someone else’s farm, you cannot say that you’re the only true farmer. – African Proverb from Ghana.

Word of the Episode:

Lekol means school in Haitian Creole.

Education and Opportunity Cost Lesson 70 Black teacher De'Von and co-creator of the board game Play Black Wall St. Tune in and listen to the Cleverly Changing Podcast.

Grown Folks

Guest De’Von Truvel is the co-creator of Black Wall Street the Board Game and one of our past guests. This time around he’s talking to us about the importance of education and opportunity cost. We talk a lot about ways we as parents can raise our children to be exactly the kind of person they would like to be. Learn some strategies you can implement to harness your child’s innate talents and correct their trajectory. We also touch on just how important it is to learn your children and engage in constructive and respective dialogue with your young people. Discover the difference between pivoting or shifting your child’s behavior or focus and seeking to change who they are.

This episode covers: 

  • Education and opportunity cost
  • Cryptocurrency, NFTs, and education
  • The importance of engaging your children in dialogue
  • Ways to encourage your child to hang with a respectable crowd

Cryptocurrency Resources


The Afrocentric School [a blueprint] by Nah Dove

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Instagram: @PlayBlackWallSt @DevonTruvel
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