Educating Your Child Abroad Lesson 69

During today’s episode we take on a journey on educating your child about travel in ancient Africa. There were great civilizations that flourished in Africa before the 1500s. Some of those civilizations were  Kush, Mali, and Great Zimbabwe. Long before European expeditions Africans participated in international trading networks and in trans-oceanic travel. It is well documented that they had trading relations with India, China and other parts of Asia. In addition, when Europeans started doing expeditions they often hired Africans to help them with the expeditions. Africans were also well known as the greatest swimmers in early World History.

If your children love travel here are a few great explorers they should consider learning about: 
Juan Gurrido and Esteban the Moor. They should also read 10 Pieces of Evidence That Prove Black People Sailed to the Americas Long Before Columbus


You must act as if it is impossible to fail. – African Proverb from Ghana


Nanga def means ‘What’s up?’ in Wolof.

A muslim mom discusses educating your child abroad Lesson 69 of the Cleverly Changing Podcast.

Grown Folks

Learning abroad is not uncommon among American college students, but our guest, Kori Majeed, a homeschooling mom, has incorporated studying abroad into her homeschool with her middle and high school aged students. In this episode we cover her approach to learning and what it’s like to wear a lot of hats without losing sight of herself. Kori and her family often take their learning into their community. She truly understands what it means to leverage the village.

Here’s What Else We Cover:

  • Sending children abroad to learn
  • Exposing children to other cultures  
  • Hands-on homeschooling
  • Juggling a busy life, homeschooling, motherhood and marriage

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Jelani Women Travel Africa

If you are thinking about taking a trip to Africa, we would like to share with you that Ashley is the founder of Jelani Women Travel and is an award winning travel guru. She has curated service trips to 15 countries in Africa. 

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