Developing Strong Reader Lesson 71

Black Child reading Entrepreneurs Create Your Own Business on the Cleverly Changing Podcast

Parents of young children often wonder how they can raise strong readers. In this episode we explore my own experience as a homeschooling mom of twins. I took the things they enjoyed, life around us, and everyday items to help develop my young readers. Now they are teenagers with large vocabularies and a desire to read as many books as they can.

The key lessons we will explore in this episode are:

  • How to introduce books in a fun inviting way
  • Tips to enhance their ability to learn new words
  • And you’ll get to hear from one of my strong readers directly.

Did you know that the continent of Africa is one of the most diverse places on earth and there are more than 1500 languages spoken there?

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Hela means “Money” in Swahili

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Black Child reading "Entrepreneurs Create Your Own Business on the Cleverly Changing Podcast"

Cleverly Cultured Kids

We spoke with Maya a 13 year old who has developed into a strong read. Maya shared some of her favorite books, which were:

Not mentioned but pictured in the photo is Maya reading “Entrepreneurs: Create Your Own Business” by Alex Kahan

Grown Folks Section “How Strong Readers are Developed”

Here are my top three, check out the link in our bio to hear the full episode with all of our reading tips.

1️⃣ While your child is young, even a baby, point out words all around you. Words are everywhere, if you love words like I do, share that love with your children.

2️⃣ Show your excitement about new words by reading to your kids, even while they are infants. While my kids were little, I labeled common household objects that they could see.

3️⃣ Read creatively. For instance, I cook with recipes and show my children the cookbooks so they can read which ingredients we need to use. I show them words on their shampoo and lotion bottles, in magazines, and on TV. (We also learn new words with on my iPad with apps and look up words in a dictionary.)

Read this post “
Reading Tips for Children ages 3-5 to see all of my early reading tips.

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