Xfinity Rewards: Providing Families with a Respite, Entertainment, and Discounts

“This post is sponsored by Xfinity. All opinions are my own.”

The year has been challenging for many families. Some families are like mine and are just getting used to their new normal. All families need a respite from the things that can make life stressful. I know that my husband and I need a break as entrepreneurs and parents of teenagers. The holiday season can provide families with a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle. When we need some time to relieve stress we turn to good uplifting entertainment that will make us smile.

What do you and your family love doing during the holidays?

Providing Families with a Holiday Respite

We try to make time for fun holiday activities, good food, and spending time with friends and family. Here are a few ways families can enjoy a rewarding holiday break:

  • Take a road trip to visit family.
  • Visit local events like museums, holiday exhibits, and festive light shows. 
  • Get cozy and watch Christmas movies together. 
  • Pop some popcorn, make hot chocolate and enjoy a holiday craft.
  • Bake cookies or cakes together.
  • Let others know how much you appreciate them in a meaningful way.

Xfinity Rewards, a free rewards program available to Xfinity customers across the country, is also helping families add a few more rewarding experiences to their list as well.

Black family in matching pajamas at Christmas

Xfinity Rewards and Entertainment Perks

Xfinity Rewards is a way for Xfinity to say thanks to its customers just for being a customer! 

My husband and I just joined the free rewards program and we were surprised to learn everything we were eligible for. Just remember the rewards can expire, so sign up now to get your Xfinity Rewards today! 

The coolest part of Xfinity Rewards is that the program rewards long-time loyal customers and helps them feel appreciated. The reward tiers are based on your number of consecutive years of uninterrupted service as an Xfinity customer. Xfinity’s current customers can redeem rewards for discounts, perks, or even things like a once-in-a-lifetime VIP experience to see The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, or tickets to The Voice.

Xfinity Rewards: Providing Families with a Respite, Entertainment, and Discounts

My daughters are out of school for two long weeks so one of the perks they are looking forward to is visiting a theater to watch Sing 2 as a family. We were able to score a complementary Fandango ticket (up to $20 value) with a purchase of a ticket to see Sing 2, in theaters Dec 22. If you’re an Xfinity Rewards member you can redeem this perk here. The first Sing movie was so good. I enjoyed it as much as my daughters and we can’t wait to see the sequel. 

Another perk is a 30-day trial of Stingray Karaoke, which is great for holiday parties and lots of fun for the family. Just go to to redeem and learn more about this reward.

DC, Maryland, and Virginia Residents, Pick up your Free Sing 2 Movie Night Kit

Get ready to dance and sing with Sing 2, in theaters December 22. Maryland customers can pick up the movie night kit at a local Xfinity Store including one of the following locations (supplies are limited):

  • Silver Spring, MD (13529 Connecticut Ave., Silver Spring, MD, 20906)
  • Owings Mills, MD (10132 Reisterstown Rd., Suite #20, Owings Mills, MD, 21117)
  • Baltimore City (3814 Boston St., Baltimore, MD, 21224 – Canton)
  • Baltimore City (733 West 40th St., Baltimore, MD 21211 – The Rotunda)
Sing 2 starts showing in theaters December 22. Learn more about Xfinity Reward Perks.
(You receive a poster, stickers, popcorn, puzzles, inflatable microphone, activity book, and more.)

Hopefully with these perks from Xfinity Rewards you can enjoy some much needed family time and feel rewarded for your loyalty, too. And remember – the longer you’re with Xfinity, the more rewards you get; it’s free to join and easy to use. Visit the Xfinity app or Xfinity Rewards to see all of the rewards that are available to you! 

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