10 Projects For Military Spouses To Keep The Boredom At Bay During Deployment 

10 Projects For Military Spouses To Keep The Boredom At Bay During Deployment 

Deployment can be a tough time for you and your spouse. An extended period away from your loved one can bring feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and stress. Keeping busy is one of the best things you can do to help the time pass and keep yourself from worrying too much about how they’re doing overseas.  

It’s best to find any way you can to spend your time productively. Consider working on the house, finding new ways to keep the kids entertained, or making some extra money for the family.  

Start Your Own Side Hustle 

Consider the skills you have and how you could use them to make some money. Starting a blog can be a great choice. Come up with a unique angle to attract readers, and earn money through sponsorship and affiliate advertising. Offer any specialist skills you have on a freelancing basis, for instance, computer programming, web design or proofreading.  

Continue Your Education 

Enhance your employability by returning to education. Consider gaps in your knowledge and skillset to find the right training. Do something you enjoy.  

Guide for Military Spouses to Help Keep Boredom At Bay During Deployment

Take Up A Craft 

Choose a new craft and make handmade gifts for loved ones. Consider woodworking, knitting, painting or sketching. Use a craft starter kit to try out different options.  

Hit A Fitness Goal 

Set a fitness goal to achieve before your spouse returns from deployment. Set a goal that is achievable without being too easy. The goal could be to run a marathon or lift a set weight.  

Do Some Home Renovations 

Plan and complete some home renovations to surprise your spouse when they return. Consider your financing options if you want to complete major work. You could get refinancing on an existing home loan through VA loans. You can check your family’s loan eligibility from Hero Loans to find out more.  

Spend Time With Loved Ones 

Stay connected with your support system while your spouse is deployed. Arrange regular meetups to prevent boredom and loneliness. If you have kids, come up with different activities to do as a family. Visit local beauty spots or go on a mini staycation.  

Cook New Recipes 

Take the time to learn to cook new things. Try out a new recipe each week and make them for your spouse when they return.  

Make Care Packages For Your Spouse 

Fill a box with your spouse’s favorite things. Spend pictures of home, non-perishable foods and essentials like extra socks. Get your kids to help you decorate the box.  

Work Through Your To-Read List 

Finally, get round to reading the books on your nightstand. Make a list of the books you want to read and try to get through at least one per week.  

Treat Yourself 

Take the time to treat yourself to something you enjoy. Attend a sporting event, go out for drinks with friends or take a relaxing soak in the tub. Go for a small shopping trip but avoid overspending.  

Final Thoughts 

Living without your spouse for extended periods can be challenging. It is essential to keep busy and find enjoyable ways to spend your time. Keep in regular contact with your spouse and let them know you’re thinking of them and excited for their return.  

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