3 Cruise Ship Holiday Safety Tips

3 Cruise Ship Holiday Safety Tips

Many people may not be in the frame of mind to travel this upcoming holiday season, but some will. The last thing on your mind when you set sail from a port on your cruise ship holiday is the idea that something might go wrong. Then you end up needing urgent medical attention or have to be taken ashore as a matter of priority.

If you suffer an injury on board a cruise ship you will likely need the assistance of some compassionate maritime accident attorneys to help you get the medical help and financial compensation that your situation deserves.

What can go wrong?

Here are some typical situations that could easily ruin your cruise ship holiday in an instant.

Before you even start your holiday adventure

There are plenty of situations when you are sailing where you could become the victim of an accident. Also, there are plenty of dangers at the port that might easily result in an injury.

You could suffer a fall, for instance, that could cause you to suffer anything from bruising or a laceration through to a fracture, or a bad head or back injury.

If you do experience a problem like this it is important to report the incident immediately to a crew member and fill out an accident report. This procedure will make a big difference to your ability to claim compensation for your injuries.

When you are not kept as safe as you should expect onboard

As you would expect, the cruise ship operator has a duty of care to ensure that your onboard safety is maintained to a standard you would expect.

There are numerous examples where a cruise ship company has failed in its duty of care. This could be anything from poor hygiene conditions to damaged flooring, or faulty equipment.

If you suffer an injury as a result of something that should have been foreseen or managed by the cruise ship operator you will have been put at risk by their failure to maintain the standards demanded of them.

A good example of this would be when a floor is damaged or slippery and the operator has failed to provide adequate warning and you suffer an injury as a result.

It could also be that you suffer food poisoning because their hygiene standards were not acceptable when it comes to food preparation.

When you are on an excursion

Excursions are hugely popular and your cruise ship operator will often organize these adventures as part of their services for an extra cost.

You could suffer a trip or fall while taking one of these trips if safety procedures have not been followed correctly and you have been put at undue risk as a result.

On-land accidents are more common than you might imagine. The cruise ship operator has a duty of care that extends beyond making sure you are safe will onboard their ship.

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities for your holiday to become a nightmare. Hopefully, this won’t happen and you have a memorable trip for all the right reasons. However, If something does go wrong, make sure you speak to an attorney with the maritime know-how you need in those circumstances.

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