Register today for the Sickle Cell Convention Aug 25-29. Visit the post if you need a scholarship code.

A Virtual Sickle Cell Convention is coming up Aug 25-Aug 29. I am sharing this event because it will be one of the most comprehensive and fun events you’ll ever attend about sickle cell. The Sickle Cell Community Consortium held some of the best conferences I’ve ever attended, and I attend lots of conferences. This convention is for people who live with sickle cell, sickle cell trait, caregivers, and health care workers.


I have been a past speaker, and I have been an attendee, and there isn’t a better event to attend if you want to learn more about Sickle Cell Disease. First, the Sickle Cell Community Consortium brings in some of the best and brightest speakers within the sickle cell community to present and share the latest in research and treatments. Second, the event supports those in the community. If you’re interested in finding people who have similar interests and passions, they do a great job of getting people to connect and get to know each other. Last but not least, the convention celebrates those within the sickle cell community such as workers and patients.


Have you ever been to a conference that has something for everyone? I am so impressed by the Sickle Cell Community Consortium’s work within the community. The conference’s ability to include every member of the family is mind-blowing. Last year my kids and husband participated, and they never join in and participate in anything. Surprisingly, they loved the conference just as much as I do. Also, the virtual conference provides lunch. Yes, that wasn’t a misprint. They provide lunch through Door Dash or Grub Hub so attendees can focus on the education.

The convention will be both educational and fun. There will be different sessions like:

Regional Networking

Game Night

Trait Track

Mens Track

Women’s Track

Make up and Chat Demo

Lunch and Learn

Paint and Chat

Murder Mystery

Healthy cooking

Children’s Activities


Register by Aug 21st to receive mailed packets. Register at If you need a scholarship for registration, please use the code: scholar2021scwc