Black Business Month – Ayoka Essentials

Black Business Month Featuring Ayoka Essentials

One of my favorite candle companies is Ayoka Essentials. I met the owner at an @ubiquitous_expo a couple of years ago, ever since then I had one of their candles burning when I needed relaxation and self-care. During this Black Business month I wanted to send a shout out to the owner of @ayokaessentials for making coconut and soy candles and for making long-lasting room spray. Both are fantastic products!

Thank you to a business owner that continues to be a visionary and has had to pivot and reimagine her business in a time of uncertainty, health crisis, massive job loss around the country, etc. Epiphanie Yohou the CEO and founder of the company is educating people about entrepreneurship on their social media channels, which is giving back to the community in an awesome way.

The 5 Top Reasons Why You Should Shop at Ayoka Essentials

  1. Black Owned. It’s a quality product created by a black woman and I surely can relate to owning a black business in 21st Century America.
  2. Health Conscious. I’m allergic to a lot commercial candles. In fact some of the ones I have used in retail stores have harmful chemicals that are not good for us to breathe in. On the other hand, Ayoka Essentials candles are actually paraben free, plant-based, and sustainable. All three of these components are important to me. The fact that they are all-natural is what has kept me a customer, it’s better for my family’s health and that is what matters to me most.
  3. Quality products. Hear me out, I know sometimes we like the mom and pop feel like someone made a product in their kitchen, but when you’re giving someone a gift you want it to be presented with beauty and grace. Ayoka Essentials look like they came from a high-end retailer so there is no need to sacrifice quality. You can support their business knowing that it is made with love and well-made at the same time.
  4. Durable. I mentioned that I met Ayoka Essentials owner a few years ago. She convinced my daughters that we needed to have her candles in our home. I bought some candles and they lasted me a while. I burned then and definitely loved every minute.
  5. The products smell good. If everything I mentioned early was true, but the products didn’t smell good then it all would be meaning less. In this case, the products smell absolutely heavenly. I am so impressed.
Black Business Month Featuring Ayoka Essentials | 5 Reasons why you should by their candles and room scents.

Add their products to your cart

The next time you’re looking for a gift for a friend, a self-care item for you, or something for your home. Head over to AyokaEssentials and check out their products. You will be glad you did. Also, this post is not sponsored. I genuinely love the items they have and I am proud to be a customer.

Connect with Ayoka Essentials

Follow them on instagram at @ayokaessentials and order. They are a #blackowned#smallbusiness.

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