Back to School Affirmations for the Family

Back to School Affirmations for the Family

Back to school isn’t just a time for the children. Back to school season is a time for everyone to adjust. Regardless of whether you homeschool or send your child to a traditional school affirmations are important. School can be great, scary, fun, overwhelming and all kinds of other feelings in between, but making sure that your children get positive reinforcement throughout the day can help them feel better equipped to cope.

Why Affirmations Are A Big Deal

I started doing affirmations in high school. I remember standing in front of the wooden dresser in my room, looking into the mirror. I felt nervous about life but willing to give everyday my best. I’d look into the reflection of myself and say:

  • “I am beautiful”
  • “I am intelligent”
  • “I am a successful”
  • “I am an a student”
  • “I finish what I start”
  • “I am a great friend”

I can’t tell you whether or not I believed every statement I recited wholeheartedly, but I definitely, walked out the door each morning and held my head high as if I did each affirmation I repeated. Sometimes I said them aloud and at other times I just rehearsed the words in my head silently, keeping my words secret. Don’t get me wrong, everything wasn’t perfect because I activity repeated affirmation, the regular teenage insecurities still gave me constant butterflies, but I also new that all of my classmates faced similar uncertainties. So I didn’t spend too much time on my worries. Now as a mom, I try to be sensitive to my children’s changing feelings.

Teach Your Children How to Affirm Themselves

As a parent our children are looking at us for validation. They are also looking for it among their peers and teachers, but we can validate them through affirmations. When they wake up we can share positive words of encouragement with them. In fact, there are also various ways that we can give them hidden messages that reinforce our belief in them and their abilities. Here are a few ways that we can surprise them with a message of hope:

  1. Add a note to their lunch box.
  2. Place affirmations on a post-it and put it in their binder/folder
  3. Slip a letter of encouragement in their pocket or in their hand as they leave for the day
  4. When they return home place affirmations on their bed.
  5. Keep an affirmation jar in your home that anyone is free to open when they need extra motivation.

Not Sure How to Get Started?

Sharing affirmations with others doesn’t automatically come easy. So here are a few back to school affirmations to help you get started sharing upbeat inspiring affirmations daily.


I am brilliant and capable.


I am prepared for challenges that may arise.


I am a leader who makes wise decisions.


Today I will be patient and kind to others.


I will practice and continue learning.


I will strive to do my very best.


Success is attainable and I’m on my way to achieving my goals.

Seven Daily Back to School Affirmations for the 
Entire Family

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