A One of A Kind Father’s Day Gift

The post was shared in partnership with Love on A Canvas, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Father's Day is right around the corner and if you are wondering, what is the most unique and thoughtful gifts that you can give, then I have the answer for you. Especially, if the dad in your life already has everything he could ever want. Surprisingly, this gift will help dad feel loved and appreciated.
Love On A Canvas
Love on a Canvas is a personalized, one of a kind memento that will make dad, laugh, cry, or feel proud. Personally, I thought to myself, what can I give my husband that he won't buy for himself and something that he may cherish. Love on a Canvas provided the perfect solution to the message I wanted to convey to my husband that I think he is a terrific hands-on dad, loving husband, and supportive homeschool parent. So I gave him a personalized canvas that tells the story of how we first met.
When creator of Love on A Canvas, reached out to me about her special gifts, I wanted to give my husband a personalized tangible token of not only my love, but also our daughters' love too.

The Process
Surprisingly Simple, are probably, the best words to describe the process of getting the poem written and onto a canvas. I received two .pdf documents. One where I answered several questions (including the style of the canvas I wanted to receive), and the other where I chose the style of the template and included a photo to go along with the canvas.
The creator was able to craft a poem within about 48 hours that captured the essence of our relationship. For me, I thought back to the time when we first met and remembered what made us connect. I also thought about the attributes I continue to love about him.
After the creation of the poem, it took four days for me to receive the awesome canvas in the mail. Overall, the process was quick and efficient. My husband smiled and really appreciated the gift.
Purchase your own Love On A Canvas gift here:
Website: loveonacanvas.shop
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