Homeschool Moms Conference Lesson 28

Learning more about homeschooling by signing up for the Homeschool Moms Conference | the Cleverly Changing Podcast Episode 28 *Bonus* #homeschool #homeschoolshedule #homeschooling

Are you interested in homeschooling your kids? Do you have a ton of questions, but no one to turn too for answers? Well if you answered, “Yes” to either one of those questions, the Multi-Ethnic Homeschool Mom’s Conference may be just the answer you need. During episode 28, I spoke with Michelle Huddleston who is a former special education teacher and a homeschooling mama of 4. Officially, she has 7 years of homeschooling under her belt. Tune in and learn more about the Homeschool Moms Conference.

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Intro (2:32)

The African Proverb for this week’s episode: “If I am in harmony with my family, that’s success. ~ Ute proverb” ~ African proverb.

Word of the Episode (2:50)

Mafanikio means success in Swahili.

Learning more about homeschooling by signing up for the Homeschool Moms Conference | the Cleverly Changing Podcast Episode 28 *Bonus* #homeschool #homeschoolshedule #homeschooling

Grown Folks Convo about the Multi-Ethnic Homeschool Mom’s Conference (3:15)

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Michelle Huddleston co-founder of the Homeschool Moms Conference

Today’s guest is Michelle Huddleston, who is a wife and work-from-home, homeschooling mom of 4 blessings (with another one on the way). When she isn’t homeschooling and chasing kiddos, she can be found writing, speaking, and creating resources to help other moms homeschool with grace and ease. She and her husband Bryan are the founders of Huddleston Academy Live Academics (an online academy for homeschoolers), and More Than Minority (an organization geared towards bridging the gap in homeschool diversity).

Learn more about the Multi-Ethnic Homeschool Mom’s Conference

Sign up and REGISTER. Also, remember to use the code “C5OFF” for $5 off of your registration. Registrations for the 2020 Conference ends on April 3, 2020.

Do you have to watch the sessions in realtime? No, once you register you will gain lifetime access to the conference.

Conference Session Recommendations

New to homeschooling watch these sessions first

  • “Transitioning into homeschooling” with Shaun Taylor
  • Finding Freedom From Frustration” with Anita Gibson
  • Mind over Matter: Deschooling for the Homeschool Mom” with Michelle Huddleston
  • Homeschooling is Parenting” with Ruth Agbolosoo
  • A Full and Functioning Family” with Sharae Adams
  • Inspiring the Writer in your children” with Cheryl Carter
  • Interest Led learning for the Entire Family” with Karla Marie Williams

Recommendations for homeschooling a child with special health needs

  • Homeschooling and Mental Health” with Ruth Agbolosoo
  • “Family Nutrition: Their Health is in Your Hands” Journei Bimwala

Connect with Michelle online below:

Lastly, if you want to connect with Michelle, then you can. In addition to creating the conference, she is also a lifestyle blogger, and can be reached at, as well as on:

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"You are fully equipped to raise and educate your children . . . Homeschool your way" ~ Michelle Huddleston
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