Are you saving up for vacation

Working paycheck to paycheck makes it difficult for most of us to plan for any extras and often vacations seem completely out of our reach. But when you know how to save money earmarked for a relaxing or rejuvenating getaway, setting a vacation goal can give you something exciting to look forward to as you go through your day.

Here are 3 amazing ways to save money for your next vacation so you can start planning it today!

Ready for a Getaway? Start Saving Today!

1. Open a “round-up” savings account. Many banks offer these options, but if yours doesn’t, there are legitimate online savings accounts that you can open.

They work by rounding up your change when you use your debit card. You attach your checking account to your savings account, and at the end of the day, each transaction is rounded up to the nearest whole dollar.

That money is then transferred to your savings account and you don’t even miss it. When you are ready for your trip, you have a savings account full of money you never had to put there yourself!

2. Create a vacation savings goal and focus on it. Determine the amount of money you want to have to go on your vacation. Then choose an approximate or definite date that you want to go and count how many pay period there are in between today and that date. Divide the two numbers (amount of money/pay periods) and you will know how much you need to save from each paycheck.

Now that you have your vacation savings goal, it’s easier to focus on those small numbers. If you have to save $40 from each check, you may be able to find little things that are not necessary that you can avoid spending. Instead of going to dinner one night, put that $40 directly into the savings account you made in step one or in your vacation funds jar.

3. When you’re ready to go, if you fall short, take out a short-term loan. It’s not always a bad idea to take out a loan to go on summer vacation. You have already practiced smart saving techniques, but you may not have exactly what you were hoping by the time your vacation is here.

Reputable lenders like Western Shamrock Corporation provide multiple loan options based on your needs. And since you already know how to put money aside, once your vacation ends you’ll be able to make the monthly payments in your installment loan with a perk in your step from your rejuvenating vacation.

Create a vacation savings goal and focus on it

Don’t Wait Until You Die to Get a Vacation

Life was made to be lived and when you are all work and no play, it can be easy to forget to enjoy yourself. Setting vacation goals help you to remember that you can have fun and work, too. With a responsible financial plan in mind, your next vacation can be right around the corner!