Stomp the live show is incredible

I enjoy live theater and Broadway-style shows. When I heard about STOMP being available at the National Theater in Washington, DC, I knew that I needed to take my daughter. Honestly, I’ve never seen her so excited about a show. She couldn’t wait to see it. When we arrived, she watched ever cue, felt every beat, listened to each rhythm and was immensely entertained. STOMP is a wonderful production for families. It’s humorous, creative, and engaging.

STOMP will be playing at the National Theater from April 23 – 28. Click here to obtain tickets for STOMP.

Watch the Trailer for STOMP

Watch the teaser above of STOMP the live show and book your tickets to see it at the National Theater.

STOMP is Perfect For Family Entertainment

If you or your child loves creativity and music then STOMP is the right show for you. My favorite part of the production was listening to the rhythm that came from regular household items. Comedy is woven throughout each scene for both adults and children to enjoy. The actors/musicians use their bodies and household items to tell a story. The story comes across without the use of words, which is incredible and testifies to the power of the script. The entire theatrical production lasts about two hours. While that may be long, different parts really engage the audience. In fact, audience members have a chance to participate in a unique way from their seats, this helps to shake things up and now and then and confirm that the audience is still watching. The show is full of unusual feats and talented artists who are comfortable and skilled at their craft.

How Would I Rate the Show?

Overall, I’d give the show 2 thumbs up, and I would highly recommend it.

Question About STOMP the live show

Have you ever watched a live musical production you loved? If so, what was the show and why was it such a memorable experience?

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