Soft Surroundings Puts Self-Care First #LiveSoft

The buzzword for women is the 21 century is self-care. With the rise of women working inside and outside of the home, our reliance on technology, and our staying powering within our careers self-care is often the first routine that we place on the back burner. Well, there is a retail store that was created by a Robin Sheldon that encourages us to “make [ourselves] a priority.” For me, Soft Surroundings is a retail store that puts a woman’s self-care first.

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Jewelry at Soft Surroundings


About Soft Surroundings 

When I walked into the store opening in Columbia, MD. I immediately knew that it was a place where I could relax and be surrounded by clothes, furniture, calming gadgets and trinkets that make me feel comfortable and at ease. The clothing selections really stand out. Each piece is soft, flows, and is stylish. So regardless of if your into solid, prints, bold, or muted colors, then Soft Surroundings has fashionable pieces and comfortable shoes for women everywhere.

Dresses at Soft Surroundings

The store’s primary audience appears is for settled women. In fact, I’d say it is a retail store for women who are established in their careers and homes and know exactly what they like. The items inside are the essence of style and grace with pops of whimsical that take you on a calming adventure.

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Self-care Beauty Buzz area at Soft Surroundings

Beauty Is A Huge Part Of Self-Care

Frankly, I think think Soft Surroundings has thought of it all. Their beauty area is fantastic because the products they carry promote anti-aging and the natural beauty you already possess. All women want to feel beauty even as we age and the skincare, makeup, and color choices are for women who take pride in their appearance.

I’ve been searching for a plant-based facial regiment for a long time that works. After turning 35 my skin and body really started changing and I realized that I needed to use products that help balance my natural oils without being too strong or stripping my skin of moisture. Soft Surroundings caries a skin regiment after my own heart: VENeffect. 

VENeffect is a plant-based anti-aging skincare line. It design “effectively preserves and restores the youthful radiance of vibrant skin.”

VENeffect was founded by sisters Rebecca Booth, M.D., a nationally recognized gynecologist and hormonal wellness expert, and Cecil Booth, a skin care expert with twenty years of beauty industry experience (source).

Dr. Rebecca Booth also authored the book Venus Week which shares her research findings on aging and how women can balance their glow a little everyday.

Venus Week by Dr Rebecca Booth

Venus Week

5 Things I love about Soft Surroundings

  1. The beauty products ship free.
  2. Their clothes fit real women, not just fit models.
  3. The store itself (with the color palette) calms you as soon as you walk in.
  4. The real wood furniture, is durable and antique inspired.
  5. The store also carries popular books by female authors.


If I were to compare Soft Surroundings with any retail shop that I’m familiar with, I’d say it’s closest to a Pier 1 of Fashion, Beauty, and Decor. The stores’ designers travel the world to gain insight from the world’s most respected fashion trends. Many of the antiques are on display in the store and ordered through their catalogue. If you like comfortable stylish attire, relaxing bath and body products, and also beauty care for aging skin visit a Soft Surroundings in a mall near you. They have over 100 stores from Alabama to Wisconsin. 

Books at Soft Surroundings

Maryland Get their First Soft Surroundings 

**Freebie Alert**

June 1, 2018 is the Grand Opening of the Soft Surroundings in Columbia Mall. The first 100 customers will receive a free goodie bag worth $300. Get in line early, the doors open at 10 am.



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