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A Pop Up Experience With The Ubiquitous Expo In DC

Wakanda-Style Happy Hour With The Ubiquitous Expo In DC

We are all on a high after seeing the movie Black Panther. The future looks so bright, stem careers exciting, and family ties stronger. During tonight’s Happy Hour Pop event hosted by the Ubiquitous Health and Beauty Expo’s founder, Germaine Leftridge, we all had a taste of Wakanda, Ubi-style. The Ubiquitous Expo In DC had an amazing live and exciting pop up event. 

CEO and Founder Germaine from Ubiquitous

Happy Hour Hosted by The Ubiquitous Expo In DC

The Happy Hour event was held at DC’s local Cambria Hotel & Suites, men and women were able to mingle together, eat, drink, and be educated. Mielle Organics founder, Monique Rodriguez, spoke to all of us about Entrepreneurship. Some of the key lessons I learned that Monique shared was:

Monique Rodriguez from Mielle Organics

  1. Don’t let naysayers stop you from achieving your dreams.

Monique shared personal stories that let us know that it doesn’t matter where you are from or what other people may think of you, if you have a dream and a plan you can achieve it regardless of your background.

  1. Be organized.

If you want to achieve success consistency is important. Be consistent, plan out what you’re next steps are by using a daily planner, but don’t get bent out of shape when everything on your to-do list isn’t checked off. What doesn’t get done today, can be accomplished.

  1. Don’t neglect family relationships that are important to you.

Monique shared the importance of spending time with her daughters and attending their special events. Thus, she intentionally includes them in her business. Through her untiring commitment she shows them that they are the first priorities in her life. She also talked about making sure that she plans her events around class activities that are important to her daughters and that she continues to volunteer in her daughters classes when she can, so that she can be a present mother and an entrepreneur at the same time.

  1. She also discussed using social media to accentuate your business.

Instagram was different three years ago than it is today. However, she encouraged all of the entrepreneurs in the room to be consistent, have clear identifiable brands that encourage people to engage with you, ask your potential customers questions, but continue to not only sell products but also let it remain clear that there is a real person behind the brand.

  1. Lastly, she encouraged us all to know our passions.

We’ve heard it before, but she reiterated it again. A person’s passion is something they would do for free.


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What’s beautiful about Monique’s story is that it isn’t an overnight easy success story that just happened. It took work, there were sad times, tears were shed, but at the end she came up stronger on the other side. She was like many of us who are working hard fulfilling other people’s dreams. In fact, Monique was a nurse before starting Mielle Organics Company, which had a lot to do with her fulfilling a dream her mother had for her. It took several different entrepreneurship opportunities before her true passion to emerge and begin to pay for itself. Therefore, the greatest lesson I learned from tonight is you can’t get discouraged when it doesn’t seem to work out.


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This pop up was classic Ubiquitous. As a blogger, I thought I was there to hear from an entrepreneur and have a goodtime, and eat some snacks, but little did I know that there was a blessing in place, just for me. This is consistent theme when attending Ubiquitous Expo events. For instance, when people attend Ubi Expo events they are sure to get great quality products, but will also have their souls enriched as well. So yes, this Happy Hour, felt like I was traveling to Wakanda and my soul was being fed.

I Want to See You At the Next Ubiquitous Expo In DC for 2018?


Save the Date now! August 25 and 26, 2018 the Ubiquitous Health and Beauty Expo will again enter the Washington, DC Convention Center and give you an experience and great prices that are truly unforgettable.

UbiExpo Pop Up in DC

If You Want To Dress Like You’re From Wakanda the Ubi Expo is for You!


One of the best parts of the Ubiquitous Health and Beauty Expo are the vendors who are present. This event is so much more than hair products. It is about healthy living, healthy skin, healthy hair, healthy relationships, etc.

Also, with the resurgence of people wanting to wear more African inspired prints, the Ubi Expo is the place to buy new clothes that fit the movement and lifestyle. Remember, The Ubi Expo not only has hair vendors, but clothing, jewelry, henna, accessories etc. There are also vendors that make the most beautiful necklaces, belts, dresses, tops, skirts, pants, dashikis and more. For the past two years, I attended the Expo. Being in a room surrounded by people who fulfilled their dreams is not only inspiring, but revolutionary.





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The Expo is also a show. It has fashion, hairstyles, authors, celebrities, and excitement all around from kids, to millennials, to elders. Undoubtedly, every age demographic is there and I have a fabulous time each year.


One of my favorite Ubi venders that sell Ankara prints is Semirah from His Inspiration Designs:


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